10 Best Youth Big Barrel Bats

Baseball bats come in different forms and sizes, and each of them has their own specifications, design, and purpose. For this article, we will be presenting honest reviews of the best youth big barrel bats in the market. These are the top-rated and highly recommended bats.

They are made of composite and aluminum. Though there are lots of them out them both in play and stock, we wanted to present you with the highly-rated bats available. If your goal is to play professionally, then this is what you need to suit your game.

 2021 Best 10 Youth Big Barrel Bats

Product nameBrandPrice
Easton Mako BeastEastonCheck Latest Price on Amazon
Marucci Junior Cat 6 Big BarrelMarucciCheck Latest Price on Amazon
Easton Mako CompositeEastonCheck Latest Price on Amazon
Easton S3EastonCheck Latest Price on Amazon
Easton Ghost Double Barrel BatEastonCheck Latest Price on Amazon
Louisville Slugger OmahaLouisvilleCheck Latest Price on Amazon
Marucci Cat 7MarucciCheck Latest Price on Amazon
Easton S3 AlumEastonCheck Latest Price on Amazon
Easton 2016 S400EastonCheck Latest Price on Amazon
Easton Mako Beast Big Barral Bats

For your best performance in the junior league, this big barrel bat provides such an amazing performance and speed than ever before. This particular product is specially made and designed to engineer the hitter who is in the process of developing mechanics. The design of this bat is different from the rest because of the maximum control of the barrel length and size. To mention some of the features are as follows;

Easton Mako Beast (JBB17MK12B) big barrel baseball bat reviews

  • Drop weight of -12.
  • It has an Ultra-Thin handle of 29/32 inches with a Dampened Grip.
  • It is an extended speed barrel.
  • Has a barrel diameter of 2 ¾.
  • Its performance and the sweet spot are optimized through the IMX composite material design.

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Check Latest Price on Amazon

  • It is 1.5 BPF certified.
  • Has a balanced swing weight for maximum control by the hitter.
  • Comes with free shipping when purchased online plus full 12 months warranty period,
  • Has a great sweet spot and great pop.
  • None for now.

As one of the latest member of the speed and power brigade, this is sure one bat you can’t afford to miss, with a great pop that will leave you wanting for more in amazement. This bat comes affordable for most layers, and it is suitable for even younger players because of its drop weight.

Marucci Junior Cat 6 Big Barrel

Before its 5th edition, the Marucci comes with another fascinating and unbelievable design in its construction with an endless technology. The Marucci makers designed this bat with an anti-technology which brings much more surprises.

Marucci Junior Cat 6 big barrel baseball bat reviews

Features of the Marucci bat (6)

  • It has a barrel which is ring free for support of its performance.
  • Its barrel end is optimized with the stronger thick wall which aids the swinging to be faster
  • Sting is removed through the anti-vibration knob.
  • Drop weight of -3 and barrel diameter of 2 5/8
  • Its alloy material of AZ3000 ensures great performance and durability.

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  • Excellent pop with little bit vibration.
  • Good grip and well balanced.
  • Good design.
  • Comes in the single color of white which may not be attractive to some players

Marucci hired renowned scientist Dr. Daniel A. Russell who specializes in bat design to conduct the test in the lab about the bat. The results were quite shocking as it was discovered that the rate of vibration dampening on this bat is 5.6 times more than its close competitor. This simply implies that there should be no worries to players because it has a smooth swing and speed. One good thing about this bat is that it is completely affordable for all players.

Easton 2018 USA Baseball 2 1/4 Beast X Hyperlite Youth Baseball Bate

Easton 2018 USA Baseball 2 1/4 Beast X Hyperlite Youth Baseball Bat -12, 32"/20 oz



The recognized bat manufacturers are out with the latest design in style and performance with an enormous sweet spot and great speed than the previous model; this bat is surely out to increase player’s performance and strength. The composite technology provides good benefits to drive into a more resounding expectation. Some of the features of this bat are mention as follows;

Features of the Easton 2018 beast Composite Bat

  • It has a drop weight of -10.
  • It comes with a barrel diameter of 2 ¾ inches.
  • It has a firm grip made from hyper skin and a handle diameter of 29/32 inches.
  • Its connexion technology is in a two-piece design which helps in energy transfer.

Check Latest Price on Amazon

  • Comes in different color variations.
  • It has a full year warranty period.
  • It is a double piece of material made from composite material.
  • Because of its drop in weight, the bat happens to be more balanced when compared to its previous.
  • Its price range can be affordable for all players.
  • May not be too durable in harsh weather conditions.
Easton S3

Being confidence is one of the greatest keys to be on top of your game. This confidence makes your game work, and your equipment able to do what you proposed. The Easton makers have been in the game for quite some time now and are sure to provide what’s missing in every player gaming. This bat comes with great features and functions that qualify it to be worth the price and hype.

Easton S3 (JBB16S310) big barrel bats

Features of the Easton S3

  • It has a barrel diameter of 2 5/8.
  • A length to weight ratio of 10.
  • Has a synthetic grip design.
  • Has a thin handle.
  • The presence of the Hyperlite matrix alloy makes it more durable and advance sweet spot.

Check Latest Price on Amazon

  • It is highly recommended for all players of various ages.
  • Approved for use in USSSA.
  • Has an ultra-thin handle and a grip made from synthetic material design.
  • It has a certified stamp of 1.5 BPF.
  • Comes with free shipping to your doorstep when ordered.
  • It is a one-piece alloy constructed bat.

This Easton product is packed with great confidence which is fundamental to every player. When features such as the stiff feel, enormous sweet spot and a nice trampoline effect all made from alloy material. This is just what a player needs to step up his/her game to the next level. Also, this bat is well balanced for maximum control and precision.

The Louisville Slugger(Omaha)

This Louisville Sluger product (517)presents to baseball players the amazing features they need. As one of the prominent name in the baseball bat market, the Louisville are prone to propel players with a stress-free bat that makes your playing great. Made of the new Louisville Slugger’s st7U1plus alloy, this bat presents such a large sweet spot with a consistent performance.

The Louisville Slugger(Omaha) youth big barrel bat reviews


  • Drop weight of -10.
  • 2 ¾ barrel diameter.
  • A strong grip made from synthetic material.
  • Handle diameter of 7/8.

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  • It can be used for smaller players of all ages.
  • Has a balanced weight for swinging.
  • It is fully stamped 1.5 BPF.
  • Enormous sweet spot.
  • Slight vibration may occur.

Moreover, it has a clean, slick graphics and a synthetic leather grip which provides much feel and comfort. Coming with a balance weight, this bat is definitely one recommended for even younger players as it offers great features. The fascinating thing is that it is considered a cheap baseball bat which is affordable for all players and it comes with a full warranty period of 1 year.

Marucci Cat 7

Coming as a junior big barrel bat and similar to its previous model of cat 5 and 6, this bat has the power and strength to withstand stress. Each year, the Marucci makers are keen are providing what’s missing in the previous model and with a handful of mastery in their design. Some of the features of this bat are outlined below.

Marucci Cat 7

Features of Marucci Cat 7

  •  Presence of an av2 Knob which provides great feel and reduces vibration.
  •  It has a barrel design which is optimized to provide a huge sweet spot which is just like the Cat.
  •  It has a ring-free barrel design technology for strong support and reduces the dead spots.
  •  Drop weight of -10 and barrel diameter of 2 ¾.

Check Latest Price on Amazon

  • The bat is fully certified and stamped.
  • Has a great pop sound.
  • It is quite affordable.
  • Its design provides great control and balance.
  • None for the time being.

The fresh out of the box new AV2 Knob, otherwise called the second era against vibration handle, offers a greatly improved feel and astoundingly less vibrational criticism in players’ grasp. Moreover, the demonstrated without ring barrel innovation keeps on delivering unmatched execution with definitely no ‘dead’ spots. The blend of these new highlights brings about a customary, one-piece, all amalgam, best-adjusted, most lenient, sweetest feeling, and hardest hitting bat accessible.

Easton S3 Alum

Similar to the aluminum alloy bats, the Easton S3 Alum comes as a senior league bat. This particular model SL15S310 is a vulnerable baseball bat design to provide much impact on the ball even when little force is applied. This bat uses a Hyperlite matrix alloy which makes it very durable and capable of standing the test of time. With a drop weight of -10, the bat comes with the following features to it

Easton SL17S310 S3 Aluminum 2 5/8 10 Senior League Big Barrel Baseball Bat, 30"/20 oz

  • It has a barrel diameter of 2 ¾ inches.
  • Drop weight of -10.
  • Diamond grip handle which is ultra-thin in diameter 2 ¾.
  • Low MOI.
  • Presence of Hyperlite matrix allot.

Check Latest Price on Amazon

  • 1.5 BPF certification.
  • Has a balanced swing weight and swings faster.
  • Comes in different colors of white, blue and gray.
  • It is a single-piece alloy design bat.

The Easton S3 alum is a great bat that can be used by different players as its Hyperlite matrix alloy makes the swinging faster. It also comes with great pop and no dent experienced while using this bat. The bat is quite cheap and can be purchased by players who want to step up their game to the next level.

Easton 2016 S400

Just in line for super performance and extreme power, the Easton S400 is that bat that gives amazing strength and power. This is the product of deep research over the years to supply players with that needed confidence they need to step up their game to the next level. Some of the great features of this bat are as follows.

Features of the Easton S400

  • 2 5/8 barrel diameter.
  • Ultra-thin grip 29/32 inches.
  • Has an aircraft alloy which prone faster swings and superb performance.
  • -11 drop weight.

Check Latest Price on Amazon

  • Full-year warranty.
  • Balanced swing weight.
  • USSSA certified.
  • Can be used by smaller players because of its drop weight.
  • It is a single-piece bat.

The material used in constructing this bat not only has great features but comes with great price value which can be recommended for younger players of all ages. Have a well-balanced weight and swinging balance, this is one sure bat you can't afford to miss.

2018 Easton Ghost Double Barrel Bat

Coming new for the season, the Easton ghost series offers many opportunities for the 2018 season’s baseball game. This bat is a successor to the Mako version of the Easton bat and is determined to become a general name in the baseball game. The Easton ghost double barrel bat is a fastpitch bat that combines with a double-barrel design and some advanced constructed designs.

Features of the Easton Ghost Double Barrel

  • It has a -10 drop weight.
  • Ultra-thin handle diameter of 29/32.
  • Its grip is firmly made and offers maximum comfort with a 1.2m hyper skin design.
  • It has a double-barrel design which gives a smooth sound and sweet pop.
  • It consists of an outer barrel that prevents breaks in between periods.
  • A connexion design which combines with the technology which helps to remove vibration.

Check Latest Price on Amazon

  • It has a balanced swing weight because of its drop weight
  • It is super-fast and comfortable.
  • It gives a crazy sweet pop sound.
  • It provides a performance that is hot out of the wrapper.
  • It is a softball bat that is of two-piece composite design.
  • It is very durable.
  • This bat grip is a little bit slippery.
  • Not approve of USSSA and NSA.

The bats by Mako are made for superior execution as well as for style. Only one take a gander at these items, and you'll begin to look all starry eyed at! Their most recent line of polished ash fuses a present shading mix drift: dark and corrosive green. Presently your companions might not just feel their jaws drop at your execution yet also at the cool style of the bat itself. The item accompanies a few particular preferences.

What is Big Barrel Bat?

The big barrel bats are youth bats or senior league games bat which are used by most players in the youth leagues. Just like every other bat type, this bat has its specifications, qualities, and features that qualify it to be called a big barrel bat. Some of the features of the big barrel bats are as follows

  • The diameter of the bat should not be larger than 2 ¼ inches though it can have a diameter of 2 ¾ or 2 5/8.
  • Its drop weight or length to weight ratio should fall in the range of -5 to -12.
  • It must be USSSA approved.

How To Choose Best Youth Big Barrel Bats

An innovation has undoubtedly altered the way youth baseball bats have been delivered in the development of the recent decade. Bats are not just constructed with materials such as aluminum; they are made from composite material which is a newly added material for durability lasting. Though there are different measures or controls to consider when choosing a bat based on the level or age of the player. Buying a big barrel bat can be overpowering for a few, yet with the accompanying data, we'll help make the whole procedure easier. With this guide, you will be sure to know how to get when for yourself.

Choose at-bat that is in line with your height and weight.

You wouldn't want to get a bat and regret afterward because it doesn't offer what you require. Your weight, as well as your height, goes a long way in your game, it helps maintain your balance. So get a bat that suits your weight and height.

Decide if you want a heavy bat or not

If you’re not able to swing your bat, it tells your bat is very heavy and has more weight than you. This is a very important factor to consider when choosing a bat of your choice. The lower the drop weight, the heavier the bat and the higher the drop weight, the lighter the bat.

The rules and the regulations of the league or game

Based on the league, the rules and instructions may want to suggest to you which bat to use. Get to know the specifications of the big barrel bats needed in the league as a whole.

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Conclusion -

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Top names in the bat industry like the Easton and others have decided to bring the latest and up to date advances in their bat. Believe me; this bat has been thoroughly researched, enquired about and selected carefully based on rating and its demand. The last bat on the list doesn't make it the worst or least as each bat has its special features which makes it superior to another. The youth big barrel bats listed above are the best based on their rating, demand, price tagged and materials used in their construction.

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