What is Baseball Bat Drop?

Baseball is a game that involves the use of a baseball bat and the ball. It is usually played by 2 opposing teams. Once considered an immigrants’ game, baseball has transformed into one of the most epic games in society. Currently, it is ranked second as the most-watched sport in America just behind the NFL. Many people have been asking what is a bat drop, which is the best bat drop for me or my son? Well, we have compiled the following information to help you out in figuring out the best bat drop.

Detail about Baseball Bat Drop

To understand what a bat drop is, you need to first need t figure out the various bat parts.  A bat is divided into three parts – barrel, knob, and handle. The barrel is the region that is usually used to hit the ball. According to bat makers, the sweet spot is the best region that you need to use when you need to make contact with the ball.

MLB rules that the barrel should not exceed 70mm (2.75 inches). The handle is a part that connects to the barrel. It is usually thin to allow the batter to have a better grip while swinging the bat. The handle is typically wrapped with lizard skin, tape or rubber. This helps in reducing vibration. Lastly, the knob is fitted just below the handle. This part is meant to give the batter a stiff grip while preventing it from sliding out.

A bat drop is defined as the bat’s weight in oz minus the length in inches. For instance, a bat that has a length of 33 and a weight of 30 oz has a bat drop of -3. So why is this important? Well, larger bat drops are significant in increasing the swing speed while smaller bat drops are essential in increasing power. It is noteworthy that the higher the bat drop the heavier it is. For instance, a drop five is lighter when compared with a drop 3.

If you are a drop 5 enthusiast, the following bats should be in your list of the best drop 5 bats in the market.

Baseball Bat Drop Chart

AgeBarrel SizeDrop Weight
5-62 1/4 inches with up to 32 inches lengthUp to -13
7-82 1/4 inches with up to 32 inches
Up to -13
9-112 1/4 inches with up to 32 inches lengthUp to -13
12-132 5/8 inches or openUp to -10
14-162 5/8" inches-3

There are several ways that you can check the bat size that fits you. The best way is to measure the size from your index finger to the center of your chest. Once you have done that, check what drop size fits you from baseball chat that is available online and most local stores.

DeMarini CF Zen Balanced (-5) 2 5/8″ Baseball Bat

Considered the father of drop 5 bats, the DeMarini Cf Zen has continued to push the limit and once more they have produced the iconic DeMarini CF Zen Balanced (-5) 2 5/8″ Baseball Bat. This bat comes with a barrel diameter of 2 5/8 inches which means the sweet spot is large enough to give a massive hit.

Rawlings 2018 5150 USA Baseball Bat (-11, -10, -5)

For over a century, Rawlings Company has been producing baseball bats that have been pushing the baseball game to the next level. The new Rawlings 2018 5150 USA Baseball Bat (-11, -10, -5) has been causing shockwaves in the baseball pitch with its awesome balanced swing weight. It comes as a drop 5 bat that is constructed as a one-piece. This helps in developing a batter’s skill.

Easton Xl3 Senior League (-5) Baseball Bat

Behold is the king of the baseball bats. Over the years the Easton Company has made a name for itself for producing one of the best if not the best bats in the market. The new Easton Xl3 Senior League (-5) Baseball Bat comes as a drop 5 bat. It has a long barrel which helps players make massive hits.

What Does Drop Mean for Youth Baseball Bats?

As mentioned a drop 5 bat is a bat is the value got when you subtract the length from the weight. Youth players need to practice with drop 5 bats since they are light enough to help players make massive hits.


A baseball bat is defined by 3 factors- barrel, handle and knob. The higher the drop weight the lighter the bat. In case you are unsure of which bat to pick, always check which size fits you and from there you can check all the bats that are comfortable for you.

Author: Mike Trout

John Mike Trout is an American Professional Baseball player. He was born California. John Mike is a 2 MLB All-Star. He loves to write about baseball.