Employee’s views about their workplace have changed dramatically over the last three years – engagement, morale, life balance and community commitment now often play a bigger role in workplace satisfaction than compensation. Employees have spoken in the 2023 Best Places to Work Survey. Read to find out where they work and why they love their jobs.

Prince Resorts Hawaii

For more than 30 years, Prince Resorts Hawaii (PRH) has been known for its outstanding luxury hotels and championship golf courses. The company has now solidified its reputation as a great place to work as well. PRH has an enviable record of employee satisfaction and retention, critically important in today’s changing labor market, perhaps this is due to its practice of empowerment and trust in employees.


It is inherent in everything they do. From upper management to line staff, every employee is encouraged and trained to make independent decisions that positively impact either the guest experience or the company’s operations. Good decision making is the result of a clearly defined vision, expectations, and an approachable leadership.

“We trust our employees to go beyond what is expected to let our guests know of their importance to us,” said Shigeki Yamane, president of PRH. “Our leadership team treats employees with the same respect and Aloha that we all show toward our guests. Genuine care for each other is a big part of our team’s success and happiness.”