If you are an avid baseball fan, you will realize how it is taxing try to scourer information on baseball. Basically, you will keep leaving clicking on many blogs and websites just to look for particular information. Well, what if I told you there is a way you could access any information on baseball by visiting one website. is an exemplary website that lets you experience honest reviews of every baseball product in the market. We frequently give unbiased reviews on the best baseball bats on the market. If you are looking to train your child on baseball, well you will find tips on basic rules such as hitting, throwing and catching by visiting this website. Basically, it is a one-stop website where you will learn from our experts.

sports scholarship

One of our outstanding vision has been to understand the needs of our readers and with that, our experts include a price tag for each product that has been reviewed. We do this because we understand that every dream is valid, and with that, some of our student readers would really want to learn some useful tricks and use the best bats which are cheaper and durable. In a bid to sow a seed so that this dream can come to be, we offer scholarships valued at $1000 to students. All you have to do is participate.

Terms of participation
  • Students must be college or university based and they should be above eighteen years.
  • Each student should be passionate about sports, particularly baseball.

How can you participate

We would like you to write a short essay which should be between 500 to 1000 words. Below are the topics that you should pick from

  • Topic 1 Which sport are you passionate about and why is it so?
  • Topic 2 write an essay that should include the following subheadings:
  • Why do you love baseball?
  • Which is your most memorable match (you can choose either a match from the professional league or from the amateur league)?
  • What is your favorite baseball bat (please state its name and its brand)?

On completion of this essay/article please send it to Please note that the deadline for submitting your essay is on every 12th December of every year.

Before submitting your essay please include this information
  • Your Full name.
  • Your Home Address.
  • Cell number.
  • Your college/University name.
  • The school’s address.
  • Any proof that will substantiate that you are a student.

Announcement of the winner

After processing each sent essay we shall announce our winner on 20th of December. Upon finalization of the winner, a $1000 check will be sent to his or her college by 25th of December. If you miss on the winner’s spot don’t worry, this is an annual event and so you can try again the following year. It is also worthy to note that we only accept essays which are written in English, and before submitting it please ensure you have proofread it. This is because we are unforgiving when it comes to a student making serious grammatical errors and with that, we will disqualify you, all the best.

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