2018 Easton S750c Youth Bat Reviews

Easton S750c baseball bat reviews

Baseball is ranked as the seventh most-watched sport in the globe. With the USA having the largest chunk of viewers, the sport has changed from its earlier days where wood was used as the primary material to make a bat. As the saying goes, a batter is made good by his bat. Well, below we … Read more

Demarini One OG Review

Demarini One OG Review

A batter is as good as his bat; this is a famous saying in the game of baseball. So which bat is perfect for you? As I always mention a perfect bat is not determined by its graphics, brand or price. In fact, some cheap bats perform better than some expensive bats, so before picking … Read more

10 Best Drop 5 Baseball Bats

best drop 5 bats for 2018

Over the years baseball has been gaining traction as one of the most loved sports with the millennial generation. With over 17.6 million having watched baseball in 2019, the numbers are still soaring as more regulations are being placed to intensify the game. One aspect that has endeared fans and sportsmen to this sport is … Read more

2021 Best Oakley Sunglasses For Baseball

Best Oakley Sunglasses For Baseball

Finding the perfect sunglasses is like finding a perfect innerwear- only your wife cares how cute it looks but for you as long as it gets the job done, it is perfect. With the new world order, pollution has affected the globe drastically thereby allowing the sun to release bright ultraviolet rays which can be … Read more

Hack Attack Pitching Machine Reviews

Hack Attack Pitching Machine Reviews

If you wish to develop your baseball skills you will definitely need a pitching machine. Currently, there are over a thousand pitching machines and they vary in price. But as a coach or a player which is the best pitching machine in the market? Here are some of the factors that you should consider before … Read more

2018 Miken Psycho Supermax Review

2018 Miken Psycho Supermax Reviews

Having the Miken psycho baseball bat is like being in love with a crazy girlfriend – she might love you or even stab you in your sleep; such an exciting relationship. Everything that seems perfect was once inept. A perfect baseball bat needs to have a large barrel this guarantees users have a wonderful sweet … Read more

2018 MIKEN DC41 Supermax USSSA / ASA Reviews

2018 MIKEN DC41 Supermax USSSA Reviews

Finding the right bat is like finding the perfect wife. You have to kiss as many frogs as possible before getting to the prince/princess. In this case, you will need few bats so that you can find the perfect one. In your case though, you need not worry because we got you covered. There are … Read more

How Many Innings in Baseball Game


Baseball is the seventh most-watched game in the world, just behind soccer, football and others. It is no secret that most people usually non-natives of Japan and America don’t understand the rules or the terms used during the game. The beauty of the game comes with the number of innings and of course the number … Read more

Backspin Batting Tee Reviews

Backspin Batting Tee Reviews

Every great player that has graced the major league baseball once started from the ground. Once introduced in the 1950s, over years batting tee has grown to accommodate several acknowledged leagues especially among kids. Identifying the best batting tee can determine the next great player of all time. Below we will discuss the backspin tee. … Read more

2018 Louisville Slugger Select 718 Review

2018 Louisville Slugger Select 718 Reviews

A great player is defined by a great tool. There can never be one without the other. In baseball, a bat is a crucial step in defining what kind of a player you will be. It is paramount to select a bat that allows you to make powerful hits along with high speeds. Unlike the … Read more