2018 Miken Psycho Supermax Review

Having the Miken psycho baseball bat is like being in love with a crazy girlfriend – she might love you or even stab you in your sleep; such an exciting relationship. Everything that seems perfect was once inept. A perfect baseball bat needs to have a large barrel this guarantees users have a wonderful sweet spot for a good pop sound, durability because nobody loves getting a knockoff and finally a great material – either composite, Aluminum or Alloy. Below is the review of the Miken psycho baseball bat.

2018 Miken Psycho Specifications

  • The Miken psycho bat is made of composite material which means you are guaranteed of explosive performance. As it is the case with most composite bats, a 2 piece frame composite bat has a better performance when it comes to baseball compared with a one-piece composite bat, but when it comes to softball, speed is crucial. This is because a 2 piece bat has impeccable power while compromising on speed while a one-piece bat is high on speed but quite poor when it comes to power.
  • When it comes to barrel size the Miken Psycho bat has the commendable size of 2 ¼ inches which means the sweet spot is large enough guaranteeing you that you will make some home runs on your first test.
  •  The Miken psycho is a new bat in the market.
  • As per the norms of every bat, the Miken psycho has met the necessary threshold hence it has been stamped with a mark of approval by the USSSA.

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2018 Miken Psycho Features

  • Balanced weight (end-loaded swing weight) – the end-loaded swing weight adds more weight to the bat. The more a bat is heavier, the more powerful hits you can make; this is only possible when the hitters are bigger and favor power to speed.
  • 750X HPI Technology – this is a new technology where epoxy is injected into the barrel thereby adding weight to the barrel, hence ensuring both powerful performance and durability.
  • Premium Aeroplane high-quality carbon fiber – durability has been an issue that has raised a lot of concerns among baseball bat users and fans. With a high-quality premium Aeroplane carbon fiber, the bat has been reinforced to offer higher performance and durability.
  • Triple matrix core+ – as mentioned, durability is a quality of a perfect bat. The miken psycho supermax has introduced the triple matrix core + to increase both durability and performance. Since the bat is made of high-quality aero-plane carbon fiber, the triple matrix core increases the volume substantially which allows the bat to make an impeccable performance.
  • F2p technology – the Miken psycho bat is 2 ¼ inches hence a large sweet spot. The flex 2 power technology is crucial in increasing the bat head speed, hence optimizing handle flex to barrel loading.
  • 14-inches barrel length – a got bat should not be short or extremely long. It is supposed to be moderate when it comes to length; this is because a longer bat can be heavy enough which can slow you down while a short bat can restrict you from hitting distanced balls. The longer bat gives you a further reach and the Miken psycho has a commendable length which restricts you from having mishits

2018 Miken Psycho Supermax Reviews

What makes the Miken psycho bat special?

Several factors should be considered before picking a bat. Among the factors are bat material, durability, bat length and weight and sweet spot which the Miken psycho bat has met.

Bat material

Most people wonder which material is best when picking a bat the reality is all materials are good but the composite material supersedes the aluminum material. This is because the composite material has a better performance when compared to aluminum bats.


It is no secret composite bats that have a lower shelf life when compared to alloy bats. The Miken psycho bat has an aero=plane grade carbon fiber which supplements the bat hence adding more game time

Sweet spot

A bat needs a large sweet spot; this guarantees powerful hits and a more impeccable pop sound. The Miken psycho has a barrel size of 2 ¼ inches which is large enough, hence fewer mis-hits.

Why Miken Psycho is Best Suited For Slowpitch


A one-piece bat is quite forgiving when a ball touches the bat along with the handle when compared with a 2 piece frame. A one-piece bat is a bit stiffer and has a more traditional feel while a two-piece bat will add more power and less speed when a ball touches the bat. The Miken psycho is a one-piece bat hence allowing users to make fast hits thus placing it well above other bats.

Bat length and weight

With an end load swing weight, the bat is quite heavy which is more suitable for big players who prefer to have more power than speed. Furthermore, the length is friendly which allows players to make home runs and hits with minimal effort. You can also read best slowpitch softball bats for home runs.

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  • It comes hot out of the wrapper.
  • It comes with an impeccable pop sound.


  • It is quite heavy.


Can I return this product?

Miken only accepts returns of products within 30 days after receiving your order

Do you have a warranty for this product?

Yes, all our products have a warranty of 12 months from the day of purchase. It is noteworthy though that no product will be accepted unless it is accompanied by a #RA.


Finding a perfect bat is quite a hassle. Picking the right bat requires you to consider several factors, among them being durability, bat length and weight, sweet spot, and bat material. The Miken Company has made headlines with their wonderful bats and the Miken psycho has not fallen short of its predecessors. Endowed with several technology techniques, the Miken psycho guarantees users a great game of slow pitch softball. If you in the market for a bat why don’t you try it and give us your thoughts?

Author: Mike Trout

John Mike Trout is an American Professional Baseball player. He was born California. John Mike is a 2 MLB All-Star. He loves to write about baseball.