Louisville Slugger Omaha 517 Review

What makes the slugger Omaha outstanding? I know this is every baseball enthusiast question. Well, Slugger Omaha comes from a long range of bats from the Louisville Slugger company. With over 130 years of experience, the Louisville Slugger company has continually produced bats that have been sensational. One bat that has made its name as one of the best bats in the market is the Louisville Slugger Omaha 517. Below is a review of the bat and what to expect while using it.

What makes Louisville Slugger Omaha 517 special?

Before reviewing some of its features have you ever wondered what makes the Omaha 517 outstanding?  Firstly, the bat has a huge sweet spot that makes the pop sound epic. Unlike other bats in the market, the Omaha 517 is made of alloy. This ensures it is durable while producing a sensational performance. The bat is a drop 3 bat and it is made with a new feature – the st7u1 plus. This feature plays a big role in durability and also enlarging the sweet spot. Below are some features and specifications of Louisville Slugger Omaha 517:

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Louisville Slugger Omaha 517 Review

Features and Specification
  • The Louisville Omaha 517 comes with a 12-month warranty in case of dents or breakages.
  • It is certified by BBCOR; this means it can be used in high school and college baseball.
  • Louisville Slugger guarantees you free shipping.
  • The bat is constructed with a feature that plays a huge role in durability and performance – ST7U1 plus.
  • It is constructed using alloy.
  • Its model is 2017.
  • It comes with a knob to fit easily in hand.
  • The bat is a drop 3 bat which means its slightly heavy.
  • The bat is large enough – 2 5/8, hence enlarging the sweet spot.
Sizing Option
Size is always a crucial factor when choosing a bat. You would hate to have a light bat while you fancy making big hits. The Louisville Slugger Omaha 517 comes as a drop 3 which is a bit heavy. When it comes to diameter, it is 2 5/8 which enlarges the sweet spot, hence you will have limited mishits. Its handle is 31/32 inches, thus allowing you to have a stiffer more firm grip.
Just like its predecessors, the Louisville Slugger Omaha 517 has some crazy graphics; hard to miss. The bat is made of one piece alloy which means you will have more power when making hits. It also comes with a new feature the ST7U1 (a type of alloy that increases normal durability) which boosts performance and durability. Lastly, the bat is a drop 3 and has a diameter of 2 5/8 which enlarges the sweet spot.

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When picking a bat you need to be wary about performance. How do you know a bat can perform excellently? Well, always consider the material used to make the bat. The most common materials are composite and alloy. Composite bats tend to perform well but they are less durable. The Louisville Slugger Omaha 517 is made of alloy. It has a large diameter of 2 5/8 which makes its sweet spot large enough. Being a one-piece, you will get to know when you have a mishit which is always a lesson if you are planning to make home runs regularly. It is pretty heavy which is best for players who fancy massive hits.
Pop and Vibration Control
As bats come with different materials, there is one thing that is common among them – pop sound. The degree of the pop sound will vary with the material; hence you need to pick the right bat material. When picking a bat, it is always crucial to know whether you are covered when it comes to vibrations. Stings tend to give you some bruises and hence make the use of the bat uncomfortable. Additionally, a good bat needs to have an epic pop sound. The Louisville Slugger Omaha 517 comes with a lizard skin which minimizes vibrations. The large sweet spot produces an exceptionally great pop sound.
Grip and Comfort
One thing that led bat makers to shift from the traditional wood was to allow users to have epic performances. How do you guarantee a great performance? You need a bat that is comfortable to use. The grip is one area that most companies have tried to upgrade. The Louisville slugger 517 has a knob that allows the hitter to have a stiffer hold of the bat. Additionally, the bat has a 31/32 inch handle which improves stiffness. One advantage that this bat has over others is the fact that it comes with customized lizard skin. Those who have encountered a lizard skin before can attest that it absorbs most if not all the shock.
As mentioned before bats are made of different materials. Composite bats are less durable than alloy bats. Even when guaranteed a warranty, you will still encounter a problem later and remember you can only replace once. The Louisville Slugger Omaha 517 is made of a special type of alloy that increases durability while improving performance. Lastly, the Louisville Slugger company has a great track record of having wonderful customer service, who are eager to help. As you know you need to pick a bat that has great customer service because if you ever need a replacement you will have to call them.
User Experience
The bat has a great pop sound which is much better than other bats in its price range. It also has a balanced swing weight which allows batters to make massive hits without the worry of having to balance. The bat also produces some great performances. Lastly, the lizard skin is working magic, you rarely feel the sting.


  • The bat has a well-balanced swing weight.
  • The grip is extraordinary.


  • It needs time to break in.
Overall Experience
When picking a bat you need one that will guarantee you get to make a great performance. The large sweet spot allows you to make several home runs, ultimately improving your game. With a new brand of alloy – ST7U1, you get to have improved performance while also improving durability. One outstanding feature of using this bat is the pop sound – to put it close to perspective; it is simply magical. If you in the market for a bat, try the Louisville Slugger Omaha 517 and tell us your thoughts

Author: Mike Trout

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