2018 Louisville Slugger Select 718 Review

A great player is defined by a great tool. There can never be one without the other. In baseball, a bat is a crucial step in defining what kind of a player you will be. It is paramount to select a bat that allows you to make powerful hits along with high speeds. Unlike the traditional wooden bat, the new generation bats come with anti-vibration technologies that allow players to channel that energy back to the barrel. The Louis slugger 718 is one of those bats, fitted with a tru3 technology it guarantees comfort while playing. Below, we will discuss its features, along with its pros and cons.

2018 Louisville Slugger Select 718 Reviews


Features of 2018 Louis Slugger Select 718

  • The end cap is being improved due to the lightweight speed ballistic also known as SBC,
  • Its unique design lizard skin gives excellent comfort.
  • Vibration is reduced because of the Tru3 technology design and guarantees a lasting premium feel.
  • -10 drop weight and a suitable barrel diameter of 2 5/8
  • Its handle is made of the composite which stops vibration.

Why Louisville Slugger Select 718 is Special

This bat comes with great features as a three-piece composition development which is designed to speed up your experience as a baseball player. This select 718 comes with a Tru3 concept which fuses the handle with the barrel while providing a firm swing. This product from Louis slugger includes quality, vitality and a reduced vibration to the hitter. The 7U1 alloy material is observed to be the most durable aluminum so far.


  • It is made in color variations of blue, green, silver and black.
  • It is a 3 piece hybrid designed bat
  • It has a partly end-loaded weight
  • It comes with good performance which is fascinating and hot.


  • Doesn’t have a very nice pop sound as its previous model

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As expressed before, this was the fifth USA cross breed youth bat we have assessed so far this season. We looked into the all-new DeMarini Voodoo where we revealed then that it was the best half and half as far as overall execution. After our examination of this bat anyway, we can wholeheartedly express that both the DeMarini Voodoo and the Select 718 are essentially appropriate keeping pace with each other in regards to pop, solace, adjust, and above all building certainty inside a youthful hitter.

The difference between comes about is excessively microscopic, making it impossible to decide a correct “better or more terrible” situation. Obviously, this unforeseen “tie” between both USA bats doesn’t appear to help our group of onlookers when settling on either. As a sudden death round, we give the gold medal to the Louisville Slugger Select 718 on the bases that it conveys a similar execution yet requires less swing weight to do as such.


The Louis slugger 718 comes with a holistic number of features, among them, being the lightweight speed ballistic which lets players make powerful hits while using less force. Additionally, it comes with a tru3 technology and a handle that is made of composite material, which reduces vibration by channeling back that energy to the barrel. When compared with the DeMarini voodoo, the Louis slugger 718 stands out just shy with the deciding factor being that it requires a minimum swing weight when compared to Demarini voodoo.


Author: Mike Trout

John Mike Trout is an American Professional Baseball player. He was born California. John Mike is a 2 MLB All-Star. He loves to write about baseball.