How to Get Stronger Fast

A strong body does a lot more than give you bragging rights at your next family gathering, although this is a sure benefit. When you’re stronger, you’re less likely to sustain injuries and you also get tired less. Plus, you’re able to maintain a better posture. So what’s not love about getting stronger?

Now, while there are thousands of techniques to make you stronger, some don’t deliver effective results. For instance, there is no need to load on the plates with each single workout. There are far smarter hacks to help you become stronger in less time.

Through our research, we have found these tried-and-tested ways that will you make stronger fast.

Set your goal and follow a precise plan

There’s a huge difference between those who say they want to get stronger and those who actually take the time to define their goals and create a plan. Achieving something doesn’t happen by accident. You have to come up with a specific exercise and diet regimen. If you’re not sure of how to create a workout plan, you can consult a professional trainer.

Play Baseball

Another fast way to become stronger is to participate in a game of baseball. This sport gives you a full-body cardiovascular workout while also building strength in your heart, arms and leg muscles. Not to mention, it also boosts your hand-eye coordination.

But how exactly does playing baseball make you stronger? The simple act of swinging, catching and throwing the baseball goes a long way to strengthen your triceps, biceps, shoulders and chest muscles.

Also, playing baseball involves a lot of squatting which engages your hamstrings, glutes and calf muscles.


Avid cyclists know just how much power cycling has in transforming your boy. Not only does it improve your speed and cardiovascular endurance, it also increases your strength rapidly. More specifically, getting on good quality mountain bikes is going to build strength in your upper and lower leg muscles.

However, there are a couple of cycling techniques you should apply if you want to build strength much faster. For one, you should ride uphill. Similar to configuring an incline on a treadmill, biking up a hill forces you to push harder on your leg muscles; hence, making you stronger over time.

Another technique is to pedal slower. Although this sounds ironic, pedaling slower actually engages more muscle. Since there’s less resistance from the bike’s mechanical parts, you have to do more work.

Stick to lower rep ranges

Despite the number of fitness instructors that claim otherwise, the easiest way to build strength is to perform low repetitions. Low reps means one to five reps.

The benefit of low repetitions is that it forces your body to get used to the kind of stimulus you give it through training. With low repetitions, your body discovers new ways of recruiting the muscle fibers in a more efficient way; this is what makes you stronger over time.

Do full-body workouts

Training to get stronger is a skill like any other. So the more you practice, the better you get. For instance, if you wish to have strong leg muscles, then you’d emphasize on exercises that target this area. Therefore, you’re more likely to start training your legs three times each week as opposed to just once.

Look at it from this angle: boxers and martial artists don’t practice their art just once in a week. They practice multiple times every week. Similarly, the easiest way to get stronger fast is to train more often.

Your nutrition is key

To build strength within a short amount of time requires you to exercise smarter and harder. For instance, riding up a hill every morning is not going to be a walk in the park. As such, you should also remember to fuel yourself. That is, ensure you’re eating the right foods that give you adequate amounts of energy.

Most individuals like eating a carb-rich meal at least two hours before their exercises. Others (like me) prefer to face the physical activity head on in a fasted state. If you belong to the second category of people, then it’s important to eat a carb-heavy meal the evening before your intense workouts.


How much progress you make towards getting stronger will rely heavily on how much rest you get in between the workouts. When exercising, you should give yourself 3 to 4 minute breaks in between the sets. This allows your body ample time to recover and get ready for the next set.

Secondly, you also need to rest between one training session and the next. Do not go from working out in the gym to cycling. Instead, get adequate rest and take measures to minimize stress.

Eat more on your “off” days

Even on those days when you’re not training, you should eat adequate amounts of food. Muscle growth occurs mostly on those off days- during your recovery phase- so it’s crucial that you have plenty of nutrients to boost muscle growth.

Experts recommend decreasing your carb intake on your non-training days. This is because you don’t need any additional energy for training. However, your protein intake should always be high and your caloric intake shouldn’t go below 500 calories.

Key Takeaway

When you’re stronger, you are able to tackle day-to-day activities- such as walking up the stairs- pretty easily. You’re also less likely to injure your joints because they are strong enough, just like the surrounding muscles.

So, how can you get stronger in less time? One, do lower repetitions. Two, take time to cycle or engage in a game of baseball. You should also perform full-body workouts, get enough rest and be cautious about your nutrition.

Author: Mike Trout

John Mike Trout is an American Professional Baseball player. He was born California. John Mike is a 2 MLB All-Star. He loves to write about baseball.