Hack Attack Pitching Machine Reviews

If you wish to develop your baseball skills you will definitely need a pitching machine. Currently, there are over a thousand pitching machines and they vary in price. But as a coach or a player which is the best pitching machine in the market? Here are some of the factors that you should consider before picking a perfect pitching machine.

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Pitch availability – a pitching machine meant for little leagues is diff from that meant for professional players. It will be prudent to look for a pitching machine that will help develop a certain skill that you feel is important. So pick carefully.

Durability – durability is crucial when picking a pitching machine. Try to check the exterior material – whether it is cheap plastics or quality material and whether a company offers warranties.

Portability – This is one aspect that most people overlook. Most pitching machines require charging so it will be ideal to find pitches where you can charge.

Maintenance cost – this is the primary deciding factor for most people. Try to pick a pitching machine that will meet your budget both as an initial cost and a maintenance cost.

Velocity and accuracy – this should be one of the primary deciding factors when picking a pitching machine. Speed is crucial but it depends on the league. For instance, 50 miles per hour pitching machine would be slow for a high school player and quite fast for a junior player. So pick your pitching machine carefully to avoid being disappointed.

So what makes Hack attack pitching machine special, below is a review of the Hack attack pitching machine.

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Features of Hack Attack Pitching Machine

Feed chute handle – functions by throwing head in any direction, hence all fungo work.

Front-wheel guards – it protects the throwing wheels from damage from balls being forced to the machine during set up, transportation and storage.

3 solid throwing wheels – it protects the ball and wheel from tear and at the same time it provides a realistic spin while maintaining accuracy and velocity.

Wheel guards – they provide safe operation for the machine.

Locking telescope legs – they help in ensuring you make a speedy set up of the machine.

Pitch elevation controls – it helps in moving the pitch in different locations so as to mimic game situations.

Fungo/pivot control – it tightens when the pitch needs to be repeated and can loosen during fungo work.

Large portable wheels – they help in providing extra support during transport.

Pitch selection charts – just as other machines have user guides, the pitch chart is mounted on the machine to give dial guides for the fastball, right-left screwballs, drop riser.

Tripod base – this ensures perfect stability on any surface.

Throwing mass – it prevents the pitch from recoiling thereby allowing efficient repeatability.

Pros of using Hack attack pitching machine

  • Perfect for throwing any pitch.
  • Mimics a realistic game.
  • Easy to transport.
  • It has a wonderful speed for pitching.
  • It is perfect for defensive drills and batting practice.
  • It is consistent when it comes to velocity and accuracy.

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Cons of using Hack attack pitching machine

  • Doesn’t work with regular balls – requires special balls.


There are several factors that should be considered when picking a pitching machine. Among the factors are Initial and maintenance cost, durability, pitch availability, and portability. So what really makes Hack attack pitching machine special? Over the years the Hack attack pitching machines have grown from regular pitching machines to a world-class tool that can help develop players batting and defensive skills. One outstanding feature of this machine is the ability to transport it to any location without the hassle of needing a car. Additionally, it has the ability to mimic a regular game since it can pitch at any angle.

Author: Mike Trout

John Mike Trout is an American Professional Baseball player. He was born California. John Mike is a 2 MLB All-Star. He loves to write about baseball.