2018 Easton S750c Youth Bat Reviews

Baseball is ranked as the seventh most-watched sport in the globe. With the USA having the largest chunk of viewers, the sport has changed from its earlier days where wood was used as the primary material to make a bat. As the saying goes, a batter is made good by his bat. Well, below we will review the Easton s750, and why it is a special bat. Built with extreme performance in mind, Easton s750c has over the years transformed the baseball bat industry. Founded in 1922, BRG- Easton Bat Company have over the years produced quality bats that have traversed several generations to become the ultimate batting company.

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What Makes Easton s750c Special?

This 2018 model is designed to offer an enhanced feeling while providing an excellent connection between the barrel and the handle. With an enlarged sweet spot, the bat is able to give an impeccable performance. As of 2018, bats were required to satisfy a new rule where they needed to have a traditional feeling –wood. With new technology such as connection+ architecture, the bat outperforms almost all bats if not all when it comes to performance.

Features and Specification
  • The Easton s750c has a drop weight of -10.
  • Its barrel is made of HMX alloy – this is a patented feature by the Easton bat.
  • 2 piece connection + architecture- this is a feature that provides a comfortable feeling while reducing vibrations in the handle.
  • It comes with a 1.44-millimeter grip hyper skin.
  • Has a barrel diameter of 2 -5/8.
  • Has a balanced swing weight.
  • It is meant for youth baseball players.
  • 2018 Built model.
  • Has USA stamp of approval.
  • It is an upgrade of the Easton s750 bat series.
  • Built with superior x-tended architecture.
  • It has a 31/32 carbon fiber handle.
  • It has an end load.

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The bat is made of HMX alloy which provides both durability and comfort while swinging. Also, the bat is built with an x-tended technology and a diameter of 2 5/8 which enlarges the sweet spot.  The handle is made of carbon fiber which complements its design. Apart from all these features, the bat has crazy graphics that are hard to ignore.

Verdict 8.0


Built for performance, the Easton s750c little league bat has an aggressive performance which is attributable to the patented technology of BRG Company. The 2 piece connection plus technology enhances performance while maintaining a comfortable and balanced swing weight. The extended technology helps in enlarging the barrel’s sweet spot thereby giving a crazy pop sound which is hard to miss. With a -10 drop weight and an end load, the Easton bat is light enough to allow players to maximize on speed.

Verdict 7.5

Easton S750c baseball bat reviews

Pop and Vibration Control

The Easton s750c is built to optimize a comfortable feeling by providing an excellent connection between the handle and the barrel. It has an extended feature that enlarges the bat’s sweet spot which allows players to have a rewarding pop sound.  The 31/32 inch carbon fiber cushion increases more comfort while reducing vibrations in case the bat comes into contact with the baseball. Additionally, the bat comes with a 1.44-millimeter hyper skin to reduce vibration and provide comfort while giving an extreme performance.

Verdict 9

Grip and Comfort

With the new rule that requires bats to have a traditional wood feeling being in effect since 2018, most companies have been forced to go to the drawing board. Wood bats were notorious for have vibrations and most players wore heavy gloves to allow them to have the comfortable feeling while swinging the bat. The Easton s750c has a wonderful grip which can be attributed to new features such as the hyper skin and the carbon handle that helps in improving comfort and grip

Verdict 7.0


When picking a perfect bat, durability is always a factor that should be considered. As most of you who have used Easton bats in previous times will agree with me, their bats are poor in terms of durability and even though it comes with a 12 months warranty you will have to keep their contacts in your speed dial. The Easton s750c is not different, the bat is less durable and it begins breaking and denting as early as 2 months after purchase.

Verdict 5.0

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  • Comes with a 12-month warranty.
  • It has an impeccable pop sound which is hard to miss.
  • The performance is quite better than its predecessor the Easton s750.


  • The bat requires several hits to break in.
  • It is 3 ounces heavier than its advert which is a turn off for light youth hitters.
  • Its durability is pathetic and their customer care service team is quite lousy.

Overall Experience 

Though the bat is poor in terms of durability it still performs perfectly well in the pitch. The pop sound is quite impeccable and the hyper skin is a great addition and at least it provides a good cushion when the bat makes massive hits. The HMX alloy and the extended design provides efficient performance while increasing durability.


Author: Mike Trout

John Mike Trout is an American Professional Baseball player. He was born California. John Mike is a 2 MLB All-Star. He loves to write about baseball.