Choose Perfect Baseball Bats For Your Kids

Finding the best baseball bat for your kids is a tricky challenge. If you choose a heavy bat he might end up hitting only foul balls, if you decide to pick a light one he will not go for the home runs. So which is the best baseball bat for your kids? Below are some of the factors that you should consider before selecting the best baseball bat.

Choose Perfect Baseball Bats For Your Kids

Size and weight

The desired weight and size plays a crucial role in bat selection. The drop ratio of a youth baseball is between -10 to -13.5, this refers to the difference between bat length and weight. If your kid is big, it may be wise to purchase a heavier bat, so that he can generate enough power, if he is small you can choose a lighter bat so that he could swing it faster. The best rule to use swings as heavy a weight without losing on speed.

Baseball Bat Size for 6-7 Years old

If your child age is 6 years, then you can choose 24-26″ length bats. Or you can measure it by weight. For under 60 pounds and 38-40 inches height kids need 26-27″ bats.

For 7 years old kids can adjust 26″ bats. Bat size basically measures by kids growth.

Baseball Bat Size for 8-9 Years old

Generally, 8-9 years old kids need 26-28″ bat. Or bat size depends on by kids weight.

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Baseball Bat Size for 10-11 Years old

For 10 years old kids need 28-29 inches bat, and 11 years old kids need 30″ bat.

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League association rules

Before heading to a retail store and buying a baseball bat, it is prudent to skim through rules and regulations of the league that your child will play in. Many if not all leagues have a specific type of bat that they recommend. With the establishment of USABat in early 2018, baseball bats will now have to meet the specific standard for them to be allowed to be used in several leagues. This is advantageous because now consumers will have a wide range of bats that have met the required regulations and can be used in several leagues.

Barrel construction

It is prudent to check the material that has been used to make the barrel. The most popular choice among users is the composite bat. Composite bats are made of fiber sleeves which create a trampoline effect once the ball comes into contact with the bat. As mentioned earlier, this bat has a larger sweet-spot which makes playing enjoyable and also magnifies your skill. When considering aluminum bats, you should know that they are more durable when compared to composite bats and they are cheap too. Among its disadvantages is that they have a smaller sweet-spot and they dent easily after a period of hits. If you are still torn apart by which barrel material to pick, you can choose a hybrid bat; this will give you the best of both worlds of composite and alloy.


As usual, almost every product produced by manufacturers gives you a warranty and a baseball bat is not different. Most manufacturing bat companies give a 12 month warranty period for every baseball bat that is bought. If it cracks or breaks, you will surely get a replacement but that replacement will be marked no return (NR). This means that it can’t be replaced any longer, so it is wise if you picked a bat that is durable and can last beyond several years.

Break-in time

Breaking in bats is essential for the simple fact that it loosens the carbon fibers which are used to make it. This allows a smooth time while playing. It is essential to buy a bat earlier and practice it using real baseballs and not rubber balls because they will damage it. Furthermore, when breaking it, you should swing it at 45 degrees so as to ensure even distribution of the sweet-spot. Alternatively, you can buy it from your local retailer when it is already broken or what most manufacturers call ‘hot out of the wrapper’. It is also essential to note that the already broken bat has both pros and cons. This means that the bat is ready for use after unwrapping it and on the downside, it means it is prone to damage.



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