Best Youth Baseball Cleats

Baseball cleats are shoes worn when playing baseball. Typically, the cleats are usually made of plastic, rubber or metal, and are triangular-shaped. But most youth baseball leagues prohibit the use of metal cleats. This gives them the traction needed to navigate a baseball field. Youth baseball cleats are cleats used by children who play baseball. It is very important to choose the most suitable youth baseball cleats, and not just any cleats you find online or in stores. Lacrosse cleats are not substitutes for baseball cleats; neither are football cleats or soccer cleats. This article focuses on youth baseball cleats, and it should serve as a guide to parents or guardians who are looking to buy the perfect baseball cleats for their children or wards. The best baseball youth cleats will be reviewed in subsequent paragraphs, alongside their pros and cons. Note, however, that this review does not rank the youth baseball cleats in any particular order.

Adidas Kids’ Adizero Afterburner V Baseball Shoe

This is a unisex baseball cleat for kids, i.e. regardless of their gender, your child can use these. It comes in different colors, and its size type is for little kids around the ages of 4-8 years, and older kids ranging from 8-12 years. These baseball cleats have amazing features that come together to make them the perfect fit for your child, depending on what you’re looking for. These youth baseball cleats feature a rubber outsole that makes for superior traction on the field. They can be worn on surfaces such as concrete and asphalt without being worse for the wear. This makes them a good choice for your child, regardless of the position they play.

Durable synthetic nubuck leather upper is used on the ‘upper’ part of the shoe. Synthetic leather is considered a good choice in youth baseball cleats because they offer comfort and flexibility which are very important. Synthetic leather offers extra support to the front and middle of your child’s ankles and feet. Another feature is that these particular cleats measure approximately low-top from the arch. Low-top baseball cleats, such as this, are best for speed as they use a minimalist style which makes lateral movements quicker and easier. However, they do not do much in way of protecting your child’s ankles; at least when compared to high tops and mid tops. Lastly, a mesh tongue at the top of the shoe is useful for breathability. The price of this shoe may range from $22-$62. It is not too costly, and it is perfect for people on a budget.

New Balance Kids’ 4040v5 Molded Baseball Shoe

This is a youth baseball cleat for boys that focuses on being as low-profile as possible, while also providing mid-foot support for your child. It is a low-top baseball cleat. It makes use of a synthetic nubuck upper which helps for comfort and reduces the chances of cramped feet after a game. There are strategically made perforations on the tongue for easy breathability, and they keep your son’s feet dry. The cleats are made with soft, lightweight EVA cushioning and REVlite midsole cushioning which support the feet, and make the shoes more comfortable for your child.

They are constructed with a lace-up closure, also known as a Lace Cage, which keeps the laces out of the way by tucking them in. A durable, baseball-specific rubber outsole offers superior traction on the various surfaces your child is required to play on. It also features a rubber molded bottom with rubber cleats which is best when playing on both grass and synthetic turf. The original price of this shoe is $44.99 but, you may find some stores selling it even lower than that.

Boys’ Under Armour Leadoff Low RM Jr. Baseball Cleats

Synthetic perforated leather upper ensures breathability, as well as durability and support of the feet. Under Armour created exceptional cleats for your boys by including a lace-up closure to avoid tripping over laces, and to make the cleats a snug fit without being painfully tight. A mesh tongue is used to enhance breathability, as well as keep your son’s feet dry and cool. This particular set of cleats features a low-top silhouette; a common feature of youth baseball cleats. An abrasion-resistant forefoot performs the double duty of protecting your son’s feet, as well as making the cleats even more durable.

The shoes are lined with full-length EVA midsole which improves comfort, properly cushions the feet, and evenly distributes any pressure that may be caused by the rubber molded cleats. These rubber molded cleats provide optimum traction on the field; this prevents your child from tripping or falling over. There are overlays on the toe caps which offer protection to the toe. The cleats are not heavy on the feet; they allow their wearer to move freely. The shoes feature Rotational Traction Technology which improves rotational capabilities for greater power and speed. However, these shoes have a narrow fit so they may not be your first choice if your son has wide feet. Its original price is $33 but, you may find it as low as $23 in some stores.

Adidas Performance Wheelhouse 4K Youth Baseball Cleats

This is a unisex Adidas youth baseball cleats. The Adidas Wheelhouse 4 baseball cleat has a three-quarter length EVA midsole that ensures optimum comfort to its wearer, as well as unmatched, lightweight padding. Premium nubuck perforated upper makes for easy breathability and prevents your child’s feet from becoming uncomfortably sweaty. Its synthetic toe overlays and mesh lining provide comfort, long-lasting durability, and improved breathability.

The tri-color camouflage molded rubber outsole is not just aesthetically pleasant and useful, it also guarantees maximum traction, speed, and stability. Your kids are sure to love the tri-color outsole for its beauty and admire it for its efficacy on the field. These are low-top baseball cleats that are best used for speed. This pair of youth baseball cleats are quite affordable; you can find them for $30.

Mizuno MIZD9 Kids’ 9-Spike Advanced Franchise Baseball Cleats

If you’re looking to buy youth baseball cleats that support your son’s ankles while allowing for easy movement, these are a good option. These cleats measure to be mid-top baseball cleats. They are the perfect choice for your son if he needs molded rubber cleats. Rubber studs that are permanently affixed to the rubber outsoles provide comfort and much-needed traction. The rubber studs lend the cleats the durability needed to perform on all field surface types. However, it is great for artificial turf fields.

These cleats consist of a full-length midsole, with heel-to-toe cushioning that ensures ultimate comfort for your son. Like many other baseball cleats, the MIZD9 makes use of 100% synthetic leather. This offers extra support to the front and middle of your son’s foot and ankle. The MIZD9 features a baseball-specific cleat pattern, i.e. there is a toe cleat in front that is meant to dig into the dirt and make for quick acceleration. This particular pair of youth baseball cleats may range from $35-$45.


Nike Kids’ Alpha Huarache Keystone Mid Baseball Cleats

These cleats were designed with your child’s comfort in mind. Its features work together to ensure that optimum comfort and protection is achieved. With its synthetic leather upper that supports your child’s legs and the mesh tongue which ensures proper ventilation within the shoe to keep the feet cool, the Alpha Huarache ensures all-round protection, as well as durability. It is fitted with a full-length Phylon midsole which delivers premium cushioning to your child’s feet. Its mid-cut design which offers ¾-height improves ankle support, without giving up your child’s mobility. There are 8 forefoot cleats and 4 cleats affixed to the heel of the TPU plate which lines the outsole of your child’s shoe. These heels provide balance and traction, regardless of your child’s current position: standing idly or running across the field.

The cleats are fairly heavy when compared to other youth baseball cleats. However, if you have an older child, weight might not be an issue. The shoes are very high-quality and, they are designed to be stylish and effective.

Under Armour Boys’ Harper 2 Jr. RM Baseball Cleats

These shoes come in different colors, offering different choices for your son. They were released in 2018 but they are just as good as can be. The shoes are mid-top baseball cleats with molded synthetic upper which provides a comfortable fit, as well as reliable support. This particular pair of baseball cleats have a feature that sets it apart from the other shoes in this article. It has adjustable ankle straps which lock in the legs for extra stability. The Harper 2 Jr. RM is the perfect choice for you if you or your son wants the extra assurance that his feet will be held safely in the baseball cleats. Of course, a possible downside to this is the likelihood that the ankle straps may be too short, or too long.

A full-length EVA midsole prevents cleat pressure from focusing on a particular part of the feet; thus, preventing pains in the feet. This EVA midsole also provides soft and lightweight cushioning for the feet. This is incredibly comfortable and your son can play and practice baseball without discomfort. The shoes feature rubber molded cleats which offer the best traction on all field types. The rubber is long-lasting and tough, all the while posing no discomfort to your child. It weighs 9.2 oz. Its original price is $50 but, you may find it in some online stores for as low as $40.

New Balance 3000v4 TPU Molded Baseball Cleats

New Balance claims this to be the “most comfortable and thoughtfully designed cleat.” This is very true. These cleats are also known as Fresh Foam 3000v4 TPU. They feature lightweight foam which serves as a cushion for your child’s feet by ensuring comfort through extra innings. There is also a premium collar design that provides support and comfort, regardless of your child’s position on the field.

These cleats have been described as “running shoes on spikes” because of the comfort they offer to your child’s feet. It incorporates a synthetic upper, with strategically made perforations, which provides breathability, protection, and support. It is made up of 75% synthetic material which makes it lightweight. The importance of lightweight baseball cleats cannot be overemphasized. The cleats have TPU molded cleats for easy grip and traction on just about any surface your child is required to play on. The cleats also have strengthened toe, making them the perfect choice for your child if they are catchers or pitchers. This is because these two positions include digging one’s toes into the dirt to maintain traction.

This does not mean the 3000v4 is free of disadvantages, or that it lacks downsides. These cleats are only available in sizes 5 and above. This means that kids who use youth baseball cleats below size 5 cannot buy this. Also, these are higher in price than most youth baseball cleats; even those included in this article. Its original price is $80 but, you may find it for as low as $38 in some stores.

Nike Lunar Vapor Ultrafly 2 Keystone Baseball Cleats

This pair of cleats by Nike is perfect for quick, sudden lateral movements which are sure to happen in baseball games. It features asymmetrical tongue and lacing which help protect the lateral side of the foot. The shoes have a lightweight 12-stud plate which makes up the outsole and makes for better traction. The 12-stud plate is divided sensibly: 8 full-length studs occupy the forefoot of the shoes, and 4 studs are positioned in the heel. This distribution is meant to achieve efficacy in a movement when wearing the baseball cleats. Synthetic leather and TPU mesh uppers ensure long-lasting durability and provide comfort to your child’s feet. A molded foam footbed provides much-needed soft cushioning to your child’s feet.

There are molded perforations in the midfoot and heel which allow for lightweight breathability, preventing sweaty feet. The Lunar Vapor Ultrafly 2 Keystone has an inner sleeve/lining which fits quite snugly against the feet, giving it the feeling a sock normally would. A phylon midsole serves as a good cushion and offers support to the arch of the feet. Nike Fastflex outsole promotes a more natural motion, as well as encourages circulation in the feet. In addition, the cleats are rather lightweight, weighing only 6.0 oz. Its price may range from $30-$50. It is, however, worth the price as it is one of the highest-quality youth baseball cleats out there.

A Guide to Youth Baseball Cleats

A review of the youth baseball cleats included in this article shows that there are specific features that are necessary for cleats, mostly because of the function they play. Youth baseball cleats are not just shoes that your child wants to wear because all their friends are wearing them, or they want to look cool. Okay, maybe they are that too. But youth baseball cleats are necessities in baseball because they protect your child’s feet. This little guide will show you all you need to know about youth baseball cleats – and then some.

  • Synthetic Leather. There are two kinds of leather used in making baseball cleats; genuine leather and synthetic leather. You may have noticed that synthetic leather is used in all the cleats included in this article. This is because synthetic leather provides extra support at the foot and ankle. No one wants kids to finish a game with aches and cramps in their feet. Plus, synthetic leather is usually more affordable than genuine leather.
  • Ankle Support. Youth baseball cleats are meant to support the feet and prevent injury. For this reason, there are different cuts of baseball cleats. The three cuts are low cut, mid-cut and high cut. These cuts are used to make low-top cleats, mid-top cleats, and high-top cleats. Low top cleats are the best choice if your child’s position requires speed. Mid tops should be your first option if you’re looking for a balance between speed, while also providing ankle support and protection. Mid tops are an easy balance. High tops are higher than the ankle. They may not be the best for speed but they are the best for lateral movements.
  • Type of Shoe. There are three types of shoes used in baseball; shoes with rubber/plastic cleats, shoes with metal cleats, and turf/trainer shoes. All the shoes in this review make use of rubber cleats. This is mostly because, as mentioned earlier, many youth baseball leagues have banned the use of metal cleats. Metal cleats may be too dangerous when used by children who may step on each other unintentionally. Unlike metal cleats, rubber cleats are a permanent fixture at the sole of the shoe. They do not have the effective grip that metal cleats have but, this only makes them the best choice in muddy or soft conditions as they do not dig into the ground. Rather, rubber cleats bounce off the ground. They are also less expensive than metal cleats.

Metal cleats provide excellent traction for those who use them as they can dig into hard dirt and grass. They sometimes cause injuries when athletes change their direction suddenly, because of how effective they are at gripping the ground. Turf/trainer shoes should be worn when training on artificial turf, rather than baseball cleats. They are more comfortable than wearing baseball cleats to train, especially if the training is not done on the field. It is ill-advised to let your child wear plastic/rubber spikes on artificial turf as they do not have traction on the artificial turf. Also, turf shoes provide the traction needed on artificial turf, thus preventing injuries that could occur when using plastic/rubber or metal cleats.

  • Position. The position your child plays should influence the type of shoe you buy. Generally, metal cleats are preferred in baseball games that are not for kids but, this article addresses youth baseball cleats so this will be tailored toward plastic/rubber cleats. Pitchers require strong and capable cleats in their push-off foot. Metal cleats are used by older baseball players because it grips hard ground better than rubber cleats do. But this does not mean that rubber cleats are not efficient. Pitchers are advised to use low top cleats because high top and mid top cleats can sometimes rub against the ankle unpleasantly.

However, younger players tend to play different positions before they are assigned specific positions. For this reason, molded cleats are your best choice.


  • What differentiates synthetic leather from genuine leather?

Genuine leather is more breathable and durable than synthetic leather. For this reason, it is more expensive than synthetic leather. Your child’s baseball cleats are expected to last for a season or two (if you buy slightly bigger cleats). It would not do to spend excessive amounts of money on them. It is for this reason that synthetic leather is used to make youth baseball cleats.

  • How do I buy my child’s perfect size?

When choosing baseball cleats for your child, ensure it fits snugly, i.e. it’s not tight on their feet but, it’s not exactly loose either. The classic guide is to select a size that allows for no more than a quarter-inch of space from the front of the cleat, with the heel fitting the foot snugly. Over time, your child’s cleats will get broken in and the formerly snug shoes will become even more comfortable as they expand.

However, if you are unsure of your child’s size it is better to buy cleats that are a bit too tight, rather than those that are loose. This is because the shoes will break in and become looser; it will be uncomfortable for your child to use loose shoes.

  • What are the best brands for youth baseball cleats?

The brands usually associate with baseball are Easton, Franklin, or Rawlings. It might be somewhat shocking that other sports brands are the best choice for baseball cleats, as seen in this review. Companies such as Nike, New Balance, Under Armour, Adidas, and Mizuno lead the market for baseball cleats. These companies bring their unique designs and interpretations and create the best youth baseball cleats for your child.

What’s Your Next Step?

The next step for you and your child is buying a youth baseball cleat. This review is meant to serve as a guide to you so that you don’t make mistakes when purchasing the cleats. However, this is not a one-size-fits-all as what works for one may not work for another person. Regardless, it is important for you to know the dos and don’ts of youth baseball cleats as it might save you a ton of money when you don’t have to keep trying on new brands.

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