2018 Best Slowpitch Softball Bats For Home Runs

Over the years, the body of Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA) legally approved some fastpitch bats and slowpitch softball bats, and they have become the best in today’s market. There are two categories of softball which are the fastpitch and the slowpitch.

But for this review, we will be presenting the best slowpitch softball bats, and together with the cheap slowpitch softball bats. This article is a quick review of the slowpitch softball bats of the year 2018. Your choice of bat depends on the orientation of the bat, your personal experiences and your level of playing in the game of baseball.

These are the principal keys to your exploration of the bat, and having a good knowledge of how they affect your performance which is supposed to be positive. To choose your desired bat of choice, there are some important things or issues to consider, and they will help you make the most out of your purchase.

Best Slowpitch Softball Bats For Home Runs

Product nameBrandPrice
Miken ultra IIMikenCheck Latest Price
Miken DC-41 SupermaxMikenCheck Latest Price
DeMarini SteelDeMariniCheck Latest Price
DeMarini 2014 NT3 JuggyDeMariniCheck Latest Price
DeMarini Stadium CL22DeMariniCheck Latest Price
 2016 Louisville Slugger Z4Louisville SluggerCheck Latest Price
DeMarini Flipper USADeMariniCheck Latest Price
DeMarini ONE OGDeMariniCheck Latest Price
Miken Izzy Psycho SupermaxMikenCheck Latest Price

Miken Ultra II SSUSA Bat

Over several years Miken has developed bats that offer high-quality performance. Understanding what your clients need can be the deal breaker for improving the sport and your business.


  • E flux ultra-technology, Miken bat provides a large sweet spot thereby giving an exceptional performance.
  • Carbon X shell technology- this helps in improving durability allowing you to use it over a longer period.


  • It gives an exceptional performance.
  • Has a good pop sound.

Check Latest Price


  • Lacks warranty.
  • It is not durable.
  • requires break-in time

Miken DC-41 Supermax ASA Slowpitch Bat

The new Miken DC-41 Supermax ASA Slowpitch Bat is specifically designed to provide powerful hits allowing batters the ability to make numerous home runs. It is one of the best and top slowpitch softball bats in the market today. The reason for these is because the bat comes with amazing features specifications that meet your need. This softball bat has various optimized technologies in its performance such as the F2P., S3R, And the triple matrix core. With an end load, this bat adds weight while transferring energy back to the barrel allowing hitters to have a magnificent pop sound.

This model is highly recommended for power hitters to give the desired speed they want. To mention some of the features it presents are outlined below:

Bat Features 

  • It was designed on F2P Technology which provides Optimization and loading speed over the zone
  • The end load is fully supermax to give maximum performance.
  • It has sensi-flex technology that maximizes energy while increasing bat head speed.
  • It consists of a Triple Matrix designed technology which was made to Increase Composite the volume of the bat by 15% and to make it more durable.
  • It is 14 inch in length.


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  • The following advantages qualify this bat to be amongst the top rated.
  • It has no break in between periods.
  • It has a huge sweet spot
  • Has a firm grip on the touch.
  • It is very durable.
  • Fully registered and approved for play in NSA, USSSA, and ISA.
  • It is a double piece composite material.
  • Its pop sound is impeccable.
  • Comes with a warranty.
  • Has a huge sweet spot.


  • It is relatively expensive for low-income earners.
  • Requires some break-in time.

The Miken DC 51 supermax slowpitch bats come with the latest technology and cosmetic design to give players their desired feel. So the 2018 season is going to be better having this at your disposal. This bat is very suitable for players who want more mass and a balanced swing. Though might be quite expensive its features are worth the price and each model is constructed with pride in the USA.

DeMarini Stadium CL22 Slow Pitch Softball Bat

The DeMarini Stadium CL22 bat is meant as the fourth hitter because of its massive hits. The big end D coupled with ZnY alloy provides for maximum hits by channeling energy back to the barrel. The combination of zinc and aluminum allows users to have a comfortable stiffer experience while using this bat.


  • S.ONE composite barrel – this 12-inch barrel allows hitters to make powerful hits by giving them a more stiffer feeling when swinging this bat.
  • ZnY alloy handle – this feature improves on the grip while at the same time guaranteeing durability.
  • Big D endcap – this feature is meant to increase weight while distributing energy back to the barrel thereby allowing a magnificent pop sound.
  • 12” barrel length – this increases weight hence allowing massive hits.


  • Has a wonderful pop sound.
  • It is price friendly.
  • Has a comfortable grip.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.

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  • Its sweet spot is not huge enough and it can be a challenge locating it.
  • It is not durable when compared with other high-end bats.

DeMarini Steel Slow Pitch Softball Bat

The DeMarini steel slow pitch bat allows users to break away from the usual routine of using composite bats. This bat comes with a 13-inch barrel that has a diameter of 2 ¼ inches hence providing a large sweet spot. It also has 2 piece architecture and an end load which boosts hitters to make powerful hits for home runs.


  • RCK knob – this feature improves on grip thereby allowing users to swing the bat without any hassle.
  • ZnX alloy handle – this alloy design allows for a stiffer experience while improving on barrel performance
  • 6mm grip – this ultra-thin grip design allows hitters to enjoy wonderful grip while swinging this bat.
  • Barrel – with a 13” steel carburized barrel you are sure to make powerful hits without the worry of breaking it.


  • The bat comes with an exceptional pop and a minimal flex.
  • Has an attractive graphic design.
  • It is cost friendly.
  • Can be used in most leagues.

Check Latest Price on Amazon


  • It dents easily when compared to other bats in the market.
  • It requires break-in time.
  • The sound released by this bat is not that impressive.

DeMarini ONE OG Slow Pitch Softball Bat

The DeMarini ONE OG bat delivers an exceptional performance while ensuring users experience a traditional feeling when swinging this bat. Additionally, the bat comes with impeccable graphics. One stand out feature of this bat is that it is made as a hybrid thereby giving users a 4 one composite barrel.


  • ZnX alloy handle – the bat’s handle is made of both zinc and aluminum thus users are guaranteed a stiffer feeling while increasing durability. Moreover, the handle doesn’t flex easily, this allows the barrel to swing easily thus giving a wonderful performance.
  • S.ONE composite barrel – this 12” barrel allows for a stiffer and more explosive experience.
  • Dish end cap – this helps in distributing energy back to the barrel hence allowing powerful hits.


  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Has a great pop sound.
  • Come with a wonderful grip.

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  • It requires some break in time.

DeMarini 2014 NT3 Juggy WTDXNT3 Slowpitch Softball Bat

The DeMarini 2014 NT3 Juggy bat is the pure definition of the best bat for slowpitch softball for home runs. It comes with a large sweet spot which allows hitters to make massive hits. The DeMarini juggernaut is fitted with an end cap which channels energy back to the composite barrel thus allowing hitters to make massive hits.


  • Big D end cap – as mentioned this helps in channeling energy back to the barrel.
  • End load triple wall – coupled with a stacked barrel construction this bat allows for a light hitting zone.


  • It has a crazy pop sound.
  • Allows hitters to make massive hits.

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  • It requires break-in time.
  • Has a relatively small sweet spot.

The 2018 worth Legit XL ASA

worth Legit XL ASA review

The Worth legit XL ASA is amongst the best slowpitch bat choices for ASA matches. The Worth slowpitch bats have over the years is known to be principal in their performance and a groundbreaker in technology. This bat comes with excellent features which are beneficiary to the players desire as it had a good flex handle design and made from 100% composite material performance.

Bat features

  • The Flex technology ensures an Ultra-Thin Handle coupled Unmatched Whip.
  • It has a barrel length of 13.5.
  • Its diameter is 2 ¼.
  • It Quad Comp was designed to Increase the flex and enlarge the sweet spot.


  • Comes in colors of Navy blue, orange and white to suit your taste.
  • It is a three piece composite material.
  • Useful for players who the massive swing.
  • It is quite durable and safe.
  • Gives a good pop sound.

Check Latest Price on Amazon on Amazon


  • Only approved for play in ASA.
  • Quite expensive.

For the 2018 season, the Worth Sports still ranks to be an outstanding bat in the market with its series. With the five signature softball bats, one can say there is undoubtedly a reason for its usage by top players in the league. This bat comes with an excellent sweet spot easy to locate, has a superior feel and also has a full year warranty.

2018 DeMarini Flipper Softball Bat 

DeMarini Flipper review

No doubt that the DeMarini Flipper is one of the hottest slowpitch bats for this year 2018. This bat comes excellent expectations as it has been hyped for some time now. Made from composite material with a firm grip, I can boldly say it has eye-catching features to it. To mention but a few attributes of this bat are;

Bat features

  • The barrel is divergence made from composite which creates a lasting feeling with the massive pop.
  • It has a half to half construction which comes with a barrel and a handle made from alloy.
  • The knob is traditionally made to fit the hand.
  • It has a handle made from Alloy to provide Creates Stiffness when in contact with the flex.
  • Its barrel length is 12inches.


This bat is top rated because of the following advantages;

  • It is hot out of the wrapper with a good performance.
  • It comes with a full 12 months or a year warranty.
  • Comes in color variations of blue, grey, red and white.
  • It is a hybrid softball which is of a two-piece composite material.

Check Latest Price on Amazon


  • The only limiting factor of this bat is the price range which tends to be a bit expensive.

The DeMarini slowpitch softball bats aimed at leading industrial technology defining the essence of quality presentation. This has not only been proven with the eye-catching properties but comes been tested to stand the test of time. An outstanding feature of this bat is the divergence barrel is finely designed to ensure smooth feel and a tremendously useful effect. So why not purchase what’s best for your usage because this sure promises to be a great experience.

The 2018 worth Legit USSSA 

2018 worth Legit USSSA reviews

The worth legit made it again on the list of the top rated bats for 2018 and trusted the manufacturer as they always know how to catch the eye the market and players. The all-new worth legit USSSA is among the top slowpitch choices this season for ASA matches. This bat doesn’t only come with the superb design but an attracting appearance. Worth has applied the technology of a Tri-Seamless design in its construction of this bat which makes the barrel free from obstructions.

Bat features

  • Its barrel length is 13.50.
  • It has a 220 plus sweet spot which is large and spreads around the whole barrel.
  • Its thin handle is designed on a flex technology.
  • It has a balanced weight for swinging.


  • Colour variations of yellow and purple.
  • Great performance hot out of the wrapper.
  • Approved for use in most league games.
  • Its swing weight is balanced for players usage.
  • Full one year warranty.
  • Its flex technology makes it durable.


  • Its usage in colder climate might be questioned.

The good thing about this bat is that it is used in prominent league games like the USSA, ISA, and NSA. This bat promises to perform above the normal with a large sweet spot that feels good to the touch. Though for low-income earners, it might be quite expensive it has proven to suit its price. The bat also has a balanced weigh of players hitting with much-excreted energy.

The Dudley Legend Lightning Series SSUSA

Dudley Legend Lightning review

Dudley is back to the game, and this time, it is into the slowpitch bat game. Being out of the bat world for like 15 years, it is back with the latest construction of the legend series. This bat has gone through many tests to prove its value and to live up to the standard of the slowpitch softball biggest names. This bat is hot out of the wrapper made from the full composite material. It has the following features below.

Bat features

  • It has a grip spin barrel which is designed from the latest technology, and it helps to provide excellent backspin for longer distance.
  • Has a diameter of 2 ¼ inches.
  • It comes with a barrel length of 13 inches.


  • It is very durable.
  • It is a fusion composite material which comes hot out of the wrapper.
  • It is fully certified with BPF of 1.21.
  • Approved for usage in the SSUSA and other advanced or senior league.
  • It has a great and pleasing pop sound.
  • Comes in colors of black mixed with white to suit your taste.

Check Latest Price on Amazon


  • It has one end loaded and may not be suitable for some light players.
  • No warranty.

This bat is not only hot, but it also has the innovative spin technology, which helps the barrel to grip the ball and move the spin in a revolutionary circle. This model of the legend series comes with a loaded weight and 13 inches barrel length. It is not too expensive to purchase and can be affordable for the low-income earners.

DeMarini Mercy SlowPitch Softball Bat

The DeMarini slowpitch softball bats are here again on the list with another one of its latest innovations. The DeMarini mercy comes as an advanced performance composite with a well-balanced weight that is suitable for even light players without applying much strength to it when hitting the ball. As one of the newest innovation in the fastpitch games, it has the following attributes to it.

Bat features

  • The knob is well designed to fit the hands.
  • It has a 4.1 barrel made from composite material which helps to maintain its excellent pop and maximum performance.
  • Made with a half and half double piece construction.
  • Barrel length of 13 inches.
  • Its compression is at the maximum.


The DeMarini mercy 2018 comes with the following Pros;

  • Has an advanced performance
  • Its swing weight is nicely balanced.
  • It is a double or two pieces made from the composite material of 100%.
  • It has a long warranty duration of 12 months.
  • It has a huge sweet spot and comes in colors of orange, green and white.

Check Latest Price on Amazon


  • There are none at the moment as the bat is still new in the market.

With this DeMarini Mercy softball bat, you will be sure mercy is granted for the 2018 league game season. One fascinating feature about this bat is that it has an advanced performance composite which is well constructed and an excellent compression for breaks in time. Lastly, the bat is not too expensive, but its features qualify it to be a top-rated bat

Louisville Slugger Solo Z Power 

Louisville Slugger Solo Z Power review

The Louisville Slugger slowpitch softball bats are designed for almost all league games as is it well approved for play. This model happens to be another one for the famous Louisville Slugger made from full composite material to deliver a swift performance. It possesses a friction blast as an addition to its design and a loaded weight for swinging. The features are summarized below.

Bat features

  • 2 ¼ inches in diameter.
  • It has an extra load end.
  • The Grit Blast is designed to enhance the backspin and the ball range.


  • Full composite material.
  • It is approved in most leagues like NSA. USSSA and ISA.
  • It has an enhanced sweet spot.
  • Comes mostly in orange and black colors.

Check Latest Price on Amazon


  • It is a one-piece composite designed bat.

The manufacturers can just seem to get over their innovations as this bat is designed to satisfy the need of most players. Coming with an enhanced sweet spot that is nice to feel, you will agree with me that this bat is way too good for its kind and designed. It is quite affordable for players in the major league and suitable for heavy players.

DeMarini ASA Juggy Slow Pitch Bat

The DeMarini ASA Juggy review

DeMarini manufacturers have proven over time to be reputable in its production and design of softball bats. You will always get amazed at their design over time and their innovations. The DeMarini Juggy comes as one of their top rated products because it offers eye-catching features and they have been able to deliver such an impressive performance. Some of the features it possesses are;

Bat features

  • A triple wall which is designed to contain more weight along the barrel.
  • It has a well D-fusion handle which was aimed at redirecting the transfer of energy and a trampoline feel.
  • It has a big end cap which is stiff for increasing the load end and power control.


  • It is relatively affordable to purchase for all players.
  • It has a huge sweet spot.
  • Has a hot performance out of the wrapper.
  • Has a great pop sound feel.

Check Latest Price on Amazon


  • It has no warranty.

In addition to what this bat offers, the amount of flex to hit the ball at a range is made possible with this bat. This bat is way out of the hook to give the players the satisfaction needed with its offer and performance level. The amazing thing is that the Juggy softball bat is categorized as amongst the cheap slowpitch softball bats.

Mizuno Nighthawk Robo 2018 Softball Bat

Mizuno Nighthawk Robo 2018 review

The list continues with yet another bat that has come to blow up the market. I present to you the Mizuno Nighthawk slowpitch softball bat. This bat comes with the series that is reliable and captivating, so for the 2018 season, it’s going to be a blast to remember. The bat has much modification to its features as it is a double piece composite material. It has the following specifications.

Bat features

It has a 2 piece connection link which was designed to remove the sting and give it a fantastic feeling when it contacts.

  • It’s handle made from Onyx and carbon which helps the transfer of energy by decreasing the loss of energy.
  • It has a triple wall around the barrel which improves the performance of the bat.
  • The end cap is optimized .which provides a connection for the coverage of the plate.
  • Comes with a long barrel length of 12.50inches.
  • Has a diameter of 2 ¼ inches.


The all new Mizuno Nighthawk has the following pros or advantages;

  • Colour variations of grey and black which look attractive.
  • Its power is optimized with the swing weight at its end.
  • It is a full 2 piece composite bat material.
  • The feeling when holding this bat is high because of the micro whip grip.
  • Approved in the USSA.
  • It has a huge sweet spot.

Check Latest Price on Amazon


  • It is quite expensive for the standard player that’s the only limiting feature.

This Mizuno model has a unique feature compared to the previous ones such as a large sweet spot, right pop sound that feels good, an enhanced end cap just to mention a few. Because of its construction and designed, it is more powerful, durable and a hot out of the wrapper bat. Having a bat with all these features qualifies it for the price as it is well designed with state of the art technology and good and also comes with a 12 months warranty.

Consider When Selecting Slowpitch Bat Of Your Choice

Construction material

This happens to be a critical aspect to watch out for before going to get yourself a bat of your choice. Mostly the products of the bats used in the slowpitch games are made from aluminum, wood or composite while others are made from a combination of both the woof and aluminum.

Though each of the materials has their feel as it affects their performance when swinging. If you take an instance of a composite bat, it is constructed from fiberglass, glass, and resin which make it light in weight. It has also been discovered that speed of the swing and the power is more in lightweight bats and its recommended for the primary or professional players.

Another aspect is the sweet spot which happens to be very large and of right balance than other materials. To add to this, the non-professionals use more of the aluminum bats because they are light and don’t require much strength like the composite bats. So always take note of this before selecting a bat of your choice.

The weight ( Balanced and End load Bat)

When talking about the weight of something, we mean the mass or how heavy or light are the thing. The weight of a Slowpitch softball bat should have a range between 26 and 30 ounces, although other ranges apply. It is paramount to consider the distribution of weight when purchasing a bat of your choice and mainly you have to choose between the one that is balanced and the end loaded ones.

Weight distribution is essential in the sense that it tells how heavy or light a bat is. Mostly the balanced ones have an even distribution of weighing around the bat; this makes it suitable for the players who love speed. On the other hand, the End loaded ones are those that have much weight on the barrel, and they are recommended for the power hitters players.

The length

The length is yet another essential aspect to look out for when selecting a bat of your choice in the sense that most players wouldn’t have much problem trying to swing the bat. Problems may come if the player doesn’t have much power and the length of the bat is small.

Although it can be resolved by having the length of the bat reduced. In the long run, if you are planning on getting a short bat, have a balance in your height and the length of the bat.

The size of the barrel

This can be seen as the distance between the grip and the sweet spot. The most appropriate ones depending on the level you are playing or the league itself and your height measurement.

For small players, 2 and ½ barrel diameter is convenient for them while larger diameter sizes like three ¾ are recommended for more prominent players. Sometimes it depends on the rule of the league like in the high school or college, a maximum of 2 5/8 is the ideal one required.

One piece bat and the two-piece bat

One of the most significant challenges most players face is the choice of the one piece or two pieces. Though the professional players won’t have much problem choosing the right ones for them compared to the armatures players. It is essential to know the difference between the two and choosing what’s best for your purpose.

Typically, a single or one-piece bat comes as a single unit with no joining between its parts which makes it more balanced and very stiff. Although it may be confusing and tricky for the control of vibration when the ball is being missed. On the other hand, the double or two-piece bat has its handled linked with the required technology, and it has a barrel which gives it a reduced or less vibration and much flex when miss hits occurs.

The disadvantage of a two-piece bat is the loaded end which makes it heavier in weight than the one piece. In conclusion, your choice depends on your ability and personal preference.


Having all these reviews shows the best slowpitch softball bats in the market today, and it is essential to take note of the considerations earlier mention at the beginning when selecting a bat of your choice. You can purchase the best bat on the list, but it may not serve your purpose because it wasn’t chosen according to your ability, your level of playing or your intended purpose.

Choosing the perfect slowpitch softball bat is entirely different when choosing the best fastpitch softball bat because it depends more on your personal preference or your experience. Also here no charts are showing the sizes just like other games, but with the considerations discussed earlier, it would be easier trying to select your choice of bats.

Each bat on the list was selected based on its rating, price level because as you know what is worth is more expensive, and they were selected from in-depth research and studying from reputable players. From the first on the list down to the last one the list are all top rated bats, each with its design, specifications or features and intended purpose.

Most of the bats here are quite expensive to the low-income earners and others but trust me; they are worth their prices and the materials from which they are made from. So why not step up your gaming experience to the next level of performance, speed, accuracy, precision, and professionalism by getting the best bat of your choice from this best slow pitch softball review as they are hot out of the wrapper.

The ability to find the perfect bat can be the difference between an okay performance and an exceptional one. As it stands, the DeMarini juggernaut bat stands prime above any other bat mentioned. It has the great pop sound while allowing users to make powerful hits.


Author: Mike Trout

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