Best Affordable Fastpitch Softball Bats 2018

Fastpitch softball bats are bats which are uniquely fashioned, designed and constructed with the aim of being used in the fastpitch softball games. Here, the bats used for fastpitch games are designed to give players a swift performance when hitting the ball without putting much pressure and force on the ball.  The reason for this nature is to ensure players safety while playing on the field.

This article specifically presents the reviews of the top rated best softball bats in 2018 and most of the bats here are being approved by the ASA for recommendations. So when next you’re looking for the softball bats reviews, you can view this article as a lot of research, findings and recommendations were made in order to come up with the best ones in the market.

Best Affordable Fastpitch Softball Bats 2018

Product nameBrandPrice
2018 Louisville Slugger (LXT)Louisville SluggerCheck Latest Price
2018 DeMarini (CFX)DeMariniCheck Latest Price
2018 Louisville Slugger (LXT)Louisville SluggerCheck Latest Price
Axe Danielle 2018 Lawrie fastpitch softball batsAxeCheck Latest Price
2018 Marucci Fastpitch softball ballMarucciCheck Latest Price
2018 Easton Ghost Double BarrelEastonCheck Latest Price
2018 Easton Stealth Hyperlite softballEastonCheck Latest Price
Mizuno 2018 Silhouette softball baseball batMizunoCheck Latest Price
2018 Anderson RockeTech softball batAndersonCheck Latest Price

The 2018 Louisville Slugger LXT

Louisville Slugger over the years has introduced one of the best fastpitch baseball bats in the game history. One distinguishing feature that differentiates this product from others is the presence of the lightweight cap. Some other features also apply here like the colors, sweet spot and others. The features of this product are summarized below

The 2018 Louisville Slugger

  • It comes in a drop weight of -10 and for this nature; it gives balance to the hitter.
  • It as a Lightweight Cap which helps the increase in the swing speed and length.
  • The technology connexion helps to remove vibration which occurs when holding the bat.
  • It has a firm Grip which helps to hold firmly.


  • It comes in a variety of colors to suit your taste.
  • It has a full year guarantee plan.
  • It is the most balanced fastpitch softball bat now.

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  • The pop sound might be discouraging.

This (LXT X18) series offers the chance to take your gaming experience to the next level with the all-new lightweight cap which gives full support. The price tag might be expensive for low-income earners, but it the chance is there, please go for this.

2018 DeMarini CFX baseball bat (-10)

The 2018 DeMarini fastpitch softball baseball bat happens to be a hit in the market yearly with its ever-increasing inventions and technology. This softball bat has presented that the composite material which is the Paraflex, makes the bat come with such strength and capability. Some of the features of these bats are:

The 2018 DeMarini (CFX)

  • The barrel design which is of the Paraflex composite material.
  • A half design increases the performance of the sweet spot.
  • It is a -10 drop weight which maintains balance
  • It has a diameter of 2 ¼.


  • It is a double piece softball made from composite material
  • It has a light swing drop weight.
  • Comes in color variations of white, pink and black
  • Approved for play in most league games.

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  • Its durability might be questioned.
  • Quite expensive

A concluding feature of this bat is the introduction of the latest feature called the 3 Fusion technology at the handle, which supports the reduction of sting and transfer of energy.

2018 DeMarini CFX  Softball Bat (-8)

This series of CFX softball bats come with the latest designed technology to perform certain tasks, like the weight balance, speed enhancement, durability. It has a drop weight of -8 which makes it suitable for control. The even weigh circulation comes with a great flex and a good pop sound. Most of its features and benefits are summarized below.

The 2018 DeMarini (CFX)

  • Its handle is designed with a 3-dimensional Fusion Technology which was meant to transfer energy excreted in it.
  • It has an RCK knob which makes it possible to be fitted with the handle
  • The composite material provides much durability to this bat.


  • It is designed as a double composite material.
  • Approved for leagues such as ASA,  USSA, and other leagues.
  • Its weight is very balanced.

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  • Price is quite expensive

In conclusion to this bat is the Paraflex material which gives additional strength, durability and weight balance, this bat comes as an improvement over the years and is suitable for every player especially those who don’t need to mount much force on the ball because of its drop weigh.

The 2018 Marucci Fastpitch softball ball (CAT FX)

Marucci softball products happen to hang amongst the top-rated softball bats. It’s been a quite some time since the Marucci introduced a fastpitch softball bat as they have over the years researched to perfect their technology, design and their durability. The outcome leads to the Marucci CAT 2018 version of the model (FX MFPCC711). This product comes with much attention, some of the features are outlined as follows;

  • Its barrel is a length which contains a huge sweet spot.
  • Its connection technology is design to smoothen the feel when in contact.
  • It has a drop weight of -11 which makes its sweet weight balanced.
  • It has a good knob which offers comfort and balanced control.
  • The barrel design provides no dead spots with a great design.


  • It has a good pop sound that feels great
  • It is durable and lasts longer.
  • Comes as a two-piece composite material.
  • Comes in color variations of white, gray and blue.

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  • It has none for now

The 2018 Easton Ghost Double Barrel Softball for Fastpitch

The technology gotten from Easton came over the years and the Ghost brand made it more prominent. This new 2018 Ghost model has the latest feature of the major flex and the trampoline effect. It also comes with a double piece design with fully loaded end construction. To mention some of its benefits are;

Easton Ghost double barrel youth baseball bats review

  • This model comes as a -10 drop weight with a diameter of 2 ¼ inches.
  • Its inner barrel provides heavy pop sound with great performance.
  • It has an outer Barrel which is soft with the aim to provide no break in between the periods.
  • Its Extra Tough Resin Matrix Composite material makes it durable.
  • It has a 1.2mm Hyperskin Grip that offers Invincible Comfort.


  • It is approved for use in high schools and the ASA leagues.
  • Comes with a full year warranty.
  • It is a double piece designed composite material.
  • Its performance is hot out of the wrapper.
  • Has a good ultra-thin handle for comfort and great feel.

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  • Maybe quite expensive

2018 Easton Stealth Hyperlite softball (FP18SHL12)

The Easton Fastpitch bats provide up to date technology with an incredible remark yearly. The year 2018 wouldn’t be an exception as the new introduction of the stealth Hyperlite comes with a whole lot of features in it. One thing for sure is that it is very suitable for younger players who need to apply less energy when playing. This Hyperlite softball bat has the features below;

Easton 2018 Women's STEALTH FLEX High SсhооlCоllеgіаtе Fаѕt Pіtсh Sоftbаll Bat -11

  • Its drop weight is -12 and has a good balance when using it.
  • Its Hyperlite barrel from composite material provides a good sweet spot.
  • It is an ultra-thin 29/32.
  • Vibration is reduced because of the CXN connexion technology.


  • It is a two piece material made from composite.
  • It comes with a balanced weight.
  • It is registered and approved for usage in ASA, NSA, and USSA, just to mention a few.
  • It is very suitable younger players with little muscles.
  • The price tag is very affordable and is presented to be a cheap softball bat.

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  • The grip may be higher

This model of the Easton softball provides all the unique features you need plus the feeling that is good for players. With a state of the art technological innovation, this is surely one softball bat I recommend for young players. Its price tag is relatively cheap and very affordable for low-income earners.

Mizuno 2018 Silhouette Softball Baseball Bat (FP18SHT13)

The Mizuno softball bats are specifically designed with the impression of the athlete, they always come with new improvement yearly.  This Silhouette series is sure ready to meet your next level experience. It comes with great features to it and is masterly made from the black onyx composite material which is designed to be strong. Its features are as follows;

Mizuno 2018 Silhouette

  • It has a black Onyx Handle which helps to reduce the loss of energy
  • Its end cap is optimized for the extension of the view of the plate.
  • Its barrel is designed as a double wall
  •  It has a drop weight of -13 which provides a balanced weigh to the hitter
  • It is 2 ¼ in diameter.


  • Its performance is hot out of the wrapper.
  • Comes in colors of blue, white and black
  • It is designed to be anti-shock.
  • It is affordable to purchase as the price is cheap.

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  • It is a one-piece composite material

This model of Mizuno softball bat comes with full features to meet your needs this 2018 season. The bat has a great sweet spot which is large and is suitable for most league players.

The 2018 Anderson RockeTech softball bat (FP18TECH12)

The Anderson bats which started off during the year 1996 have improved with time with the desire to be more prominent. This bat comes as a unique aluminum material and out from the AB-9000 grade alloy. It offers great and wonderful features such as its great durability which is bulletproof and other specifications such as;

2018 Anderson RockeTech softball bat

  • It is a -12 drop weight and it well balanced for the youth players.
  • Comes with a diameter of 2 ¼.
  • It has a strong barrel wall designed with the latest technology to make it more durable and strong.
  • Its wing weight is designed hot out of the wrapper to be balanced.


  • Comes in color variation of black and red.
  • It is fully stamped and approved in the USSA, ISA, and NSA.
  • It is very cheap to purchase for all players and amongst the cheap softball bats.

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  • It is a single piece made from aluminum material.

This bat is created to help players increase their phase and speed. It is so cool and presented to fulfill young players mission.

Axe Danielle 2018 Lawrie fastpitch softball bats (L136F)

This model can be used for practice, different league games, and the batting cage. The Axe softball bats were designed to meet your needs of competence as it is recommended for players at major leagues. So for 2018 season, Danielle Lawrie who is a two-time NCAA player of the year endorsed this bat for fastpitch games. The features of this bats are outlined as follows;

Axe Danielle 2018 Lawrie fastpitch

  • It has a hyper whip End Cap which was created to remove the additional weight that stresses the swing of the bat.
  • Drop weight 0f -12 to the length for more swing control.
  • The hitting zone is made to maximize performance with the ball.
  • The handle which is axe is made for improved control. Speed rate and protection.


  • Colours variations of black, pink and gray.
  • Comes with a one-year full warranty.
  • Approved for play in most league games.
  • It has a good pop sound and it is durable to stand the test of time.
  • It is relatively cheap and recommended for all players even the little players.

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  • It usage in the colder season is questionable

This axe bat comes with a no-risk 30-day challenge, and if you’re not fully satisfied with the challenge, it can be reconsidered and returned or changed. So next time you want to get a bat that is cheap and serves its functions and features, think about the 2018 AXE softball bat becomes it provides all the comfort and specifications for your taste.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Fastpitch Softball Bat

Normally, ASA which is an acronym for Amateur Softball Association of America approves a good number of fastpitch softball bats which then becomes the top rated in the market. This is due to the fact that those not approved are not used for league games, ACAA, and other leagues.

Before going to the store to get a good fastpitch softball bats, it is very necessary to consider some considerations which will help in a long run. As the bats come in different variations of sizes, weight and colors choices can be quite challenging and confusing to make.

You would be surprised that the most attractive bat is the best and the wired or low-quality bat being the best. These are some of the things to consider when choosing the best softball baseball bats.

  1. Price of the product

The price of the bat sometimes may look low or high and most times, it has much impact on the purchase of the bat. This explains the fact that most alloys bats are cheaper compared to the composite bat. This is because the alloys bats sometimes are not too strong to withstand the heavy impact of the ball. Eventually, it would be wise to still buy your desired bat even if the price is high because it will definitely serve its purpose.

  1. The durability of the product

Durability here can be seen as the product’s ability to perform its function with time. Try selecting the bat that is able to withstand cracks, breakage, stress and heavy impact of the ball.

  1. The weight of the bat

The weight of the bat plays a key role in displacing the ball such as the speed and direction of the ball. It is important to buy what you are able to use. Don’t just go using a bat that is too heavy while you don’t have the strength to move it, as this can limit ones play.

The method in which these top softball baseball bats were reviewed through various sports sites and individually or personal experiences.

Overall Experience:-

In conclusion to the best softball bats reviews, it is pertinent to note the things to consider when choosing a bat for yourself. The common mistake most people make is buying the bat that has their favorite color or selecting the bat with the wrong length and weight or even buying without adequate information about the product.

But from the listed considerations, you would reason with me that the weight, price, and durability are the most important things to check before purchasing a bat of your choice. It is necessary to get the best softball bats that have these promising and noticeable features, and as a player, these go a long way in boosting one’s performance.

These top 10 softball bats were carefully researched and chosen based on its value and rating in the market and by prominent players. The order in which they come doesn’t make one bat superior or inferior to the other because each has its own unique and specific feature with its function. As for the cheap softballs bats, it is advisable to get what suits your purpose even though it is expensive; it is worth the price because what’s right doesn’t come easy.