9 Best Baseball Batting Gloves

Batting gloves deliver extra grip to hand and help you to hit harder. When it is baseball you have to hit as hard as you can. So, wearing the best baseball batting gloves is one of the key points to do better in this game. But there are many batting gloves available in the market. So, it is very hard to choose the most suitable one for yourself. In that case, this article is going to help you in every aspect.

After a lot of analysis, 9 best baseball batting gloves were picked by our team, that are gonna suit best to you. It will let you hit harder to make a smile on your team.

2020 Best Baseball Batting Gloves

Product nameBrandPrice
Franklin Sports MLB Powerstrap Baseball Batting GlovesFranklin SportsCheck Latest Price
Seibertron B-A-R PRO 2.0 Signature Baseball/Softball Batting GlovesSeibertronCheck Latest Price
Under Armour Boys’ Clean Up Baseball GlovesUnder ArmourCheck Latest Price
EASTON HF3 Hyperskin Fastpitch Batting GlovesEastonCheck Latest Price
Clutch Sports Apparel Baseball and Softball Batting GlovesClutch Sports ApparelCheck Latest Price
Ruja Men’s Pro Leather Baseball Batting GlovesRujaCheck Latest Price
DeMarini Digi Camo Batting GloveDeMariniCheck Latest Price
Franklin Sports MLB Shok-Sorb Neo Batting GlovesFranklin SportsCheck Latest Price
Franklin Sports MLB Digitek Batting GlovesFranklin SportsCheck Latest Price


Franklin Sports MLB Powerstrap Baseball Batting Gloves

In our top pick, we picked these Franklin baseball batting gloves. As you know Frankin is well known for its best quality sports equipment. As a result, they are the official major league baseball equipment producer and this Powerstrap is the newest edition in the batting gloves. First of all, I have to talk about its strap. Well, It goes perfectly with its name and it stays tight enough to hit multiple times. Where other batting gloves need to adjust frequently. These gloves are made to fit the natural curves of the hand. That ensures a better comfortable feeling and allows you to hit harder. But, what about the quality? Well, for that these gloves are made from premium quality leather and, every glove Constructed very carefully to sustain the same quality season after season. One more important thing, the air ventilation system. Whatever the quality is if the air ventilation system is not good then it’s gonna be a nightmare to wear this batting gloves. But not to worry at all, it has small palm holes for ventilation to keep airflow running and give you better comfort. If you are looking for adult baseball batting gloves then this one should be your first choice. 


Franklin Sports MLB Powerstrap Batting Gloves, Pearl/Navy/Red - Adult Medium



  •         It fits very well in hand. 
  •         Powerstrap keeps gloves tight and secure to hit multiple times without adjusting the gloves. 
  •         The first choice of MLB pros.
  •         Premium build quality to last for a long time. 


  •         leather dyes your hand purple in some areas.


Seibertron B-A-R PRO 2.0 Signature Baseball/Softball Batting Gloves

This is one of the best youth batting gloves in the market right now. These softball batting gloves are made from soft gel and silicone. Where palms are made from soft gel padding. Which gives more comfort and fingers are made from textured flexible silicone. Overall materials are great for comfort and flexibility. Well, according to the price range this is a well-built baseball batting gloves and this lightweight soft material provides better grips to hand and enhance your stroke capability. But I’m afraid it has less protection than the previous one which may be a big concern for you and, these gloves are small in size. So, it fits very well in the youth hand but not that much perfect in the adult hand. Well, it has a good air ventilation system as well.

Seibertron B-A-R PRO 2.0 Signature Baseball/Softball Batting Gloves Super Grip Finger Fit for Adult Black L


  •         Soft silicone fingers help to give you a better grip on the bat.
  •         Extra padding on the palm absorbs more shock and helps you to hit hard. 
  •         This is one of the most affordable youth baseball batting gloves in the market. 



  •         Materials are not that high quality.
  •         Size is slightly small, so it may not be suitable for a bigger hand. 

Under Armour Boys’ Clean Up Baseball Gloves

This is the best baseball gloves for boys. It contains everything that you can expect from the best baseball batting gloves. Well, let’s start with built quality. These gloves are made from leather, nylon, polyester, etc. The entire construction was built from special heatgear fabric. Which keeps your hand dry and cool all the time. Also, it makes these baseball batting gloves lightweight and the palms are covered with genuine premium quality leather. That gives a soft and comfortable feeling. Also, it helps to grip better and as usual, leathers are best for durability. Moreover, there are small holes in the finger for better air ventilation. What about the wrist? Well, these gloves have elastic wrist cuffs that lock the gloves better in your hand. Overall, this comfortable and flexible baseball batting gloves helps you to hit hard strokes and do better in your batting. But as I said, these batting gloves are best for boys not for adults. So, don’t compare them with pro players baseball batting gloves. Those are more expensive and more high-quality. But as for the teenage boy or girls, these gloves are a perfect choice. 

Under Armour Boy's Clean Up Baseball Batting Gloves, Black (002)/Graphite, Youth Medium


  •         Best for teenage boys and girls. 
  •         Fits perfect and provides better grips. 
  •         Very comfortable and better air ventilation system. 



  •         Some customers claim poor build quality. 




EASTON HF3 Hyperskin Fastpitch Batting Gloves   

EASTON is also very popular for making baseball stuff. Their hyperskin gloves are very comfortable in the hand. First of all, the build quality. These baseball gloves have hyperskin on the back of the hand. That makes these gloves lightweight and flexible. Palms are made from 2piece synthetic. That makes these gloves soft and very comfortable to wear. It absorbs vibration and keeps your hand safe and it has a good wrist lock too. Its Neoprene wrist offers durability. That overall combination gives a nice grip on hand and allows you to swing bat harder. Well, for better comfort it has a decent air ventilation system too. These lightweight baseball batting gloves come in small sizes. So, it will be a perfect fit for your kids. Especially if they are 9-12 years old then you can buy a mid-size one. And large size is compatible with youth boys and girls. 

EASTON HF3 Hyperskin Fastpitch Batting Gloves | Pair | Adult Large | Red / Green / White


  •         Best for youth and kids. 
  •         Lightweight for better comfort. 
  •         According to price, it has better durability too. 


  •         Small in size, not for adults. 



Clutch Sports Apparel Baseball and Softball Batting Gloves

In every aspect, patriotism comes first. These baseball batting gloves come in American flag design. Well, that may not part of its quality but obviously a key point to buy these softball batting gloves. Let’s talk about the build quality. It has mesh palm to feel soft in hand along with the best possible grip. For a snug fit, gloves come with a curved finger. That ensures better flexibility and help you to hold bat tight. As a result, you can hit harder without any tension of slipping bat from hand. It has a mesh palm design that is very premium and gives better breathability too. Despite that durability, it is very flexible too. It allows you to move your finger freely and grip your bat perfectly. But it is important to buy batting gloves which can fit you perfectly. For that measure your hand and then buy one. 

Clutch Sports Apparel Pink Flag Awareness Batting Gloves (Adult X-Large)


  •         American flag and more awesome design. 
  •         Flexible and better grip.
  •         Lightweight and fits perfectly with hand curves. 


  •         Because of that low price, materials are not premium quality.



Ruja Men’s Pro Leather Baseball Batting Gloves

This is very simple looking baseball batting gloves for adults. If you don’t like the heavy or rich color design then this one may be the best suit for you. These black color gloves look very premium and classy. It has leather in the palm. That gives better comfort in holding the bat and nice grip too and the upper part made from spandex to reduce the price of gloves yet to make it durable. With a combination of leather and lycra (spandex), this is a well-constructed batting glove. Also, it ensures to last longer than others as well and it has a better wrist lock too. So, overall it feels good to wear this and provides a comfortable feeling in hand. Its leather palm absorbs shock to help you hit harder. But as you know spandex is kinda itchy. If you are allergic to spandex then it is important to avoid these gloves. Otherwise washable baseball batting gloves is one the best choice for you. 

Ruja Men's Pro Leather Baseball Batting Gloves (XXL)


  •         Leather and spandex make these gloves very durable. 
  •         It provides a good grip too, which allows you too hit harder. 
  •         Fits perfectly with hand. 



  •         Spandex is durable but not good material at all. 



DeMarini Digi Camo Batting Glove

Next gloves are from a brand called Demarini. Digi Camo batting gloves have enough potentiality to acquire its place in this list. First thing first, these gloves are made from leather. It has smooth leather made palm to feel you very comfortable to wear. Also, it absorbs shock to hit harder strokes without hurting yourself. Well, baseball player approved this batting gloves for perfect fitting. These gloves prevent knuckle bends. Like outside inside also constructed very well too. Well, wriststraps are very wide and low profile which gives you that flexibility to swing bat harder. But I haven’t seen any proper air ventilation system on it. This is the only flaw of this baseball batting gloves Hence, you can use this in fielding also. If you catch with the right hand you can wear this glove on the left hand. So, all that feature makes it professional baseball batting gloves. If you do not sweat a lot when it may be made for yours.

DeMarini Digital Camoflague Batting Glove, Pink, X-Large  


  •         Made with premium quality materials. 
  •         Fits well in any size hand.
  •         Wrist strap is wide.


  •         Low-quality air ventilation system. 



Franklin Sports MLB Shok-Sorb Neo Batting Gloves

Here are another baseball batting gloves from Franklin. One thing I have to clarify that, Franklin is now one of the leading companies to produce baseball gear. They are well known for their good quality products. This is not a different one. Shoksorb neo batting gloves are made from leather and a bit of spandex. The whole glove is well constructed with proper stitching and leather made soft palm has extra padding absorbs impacts and allow you to hit harder strokes. The Floating thumb technology of these gloves made this flexible and well fitted. And as usual, wrist straps also stay tight to give you a better grip. This overall construction gives you the flexibility to hit harder and stay safe after hitting massive strokes multiple times. As you can guess these gloves are also the best softball batting gloves too. On the front mix of leather and spandex design also looks very cool. And these gloves have well ventilation system too.

Franklin Sports MLB Adult Shok-Sorb Neo Batting Gloves, White/Black, Large


  • ·         Shock-Sorb  padding system. 
  • ·         Premium quality leather. 
  • ·         Best fitting for hand



  • ·         Some customer claims about durability. 


Franklin Sports MLB Digitek Batting Gloves

This is the official major league baseball batting gloves. It is always good to start with the best one and this is the best one. Digitek batting gloves made with premium quality leather and well constructed too. It has microfiber palms that give the best grip on the bat. As a result, you can hit harder. That is proved by many professional baseball players as it the official MLB batting gloves. As usual, it fits very well with hand too and enough durable to last for season after season without losing quality and comforts. Also, the wrist lock is very good in quality. This overall combination makes it one of the best quality professional adult baseball batting gloves. I forgot to mention that, it has a good ventilation system to keep your hand dry and cool for all time. Also, I should have to mention its variety of colors too.

Franklin Sports MLB Digitek Baseball Batting Gloves - White/Navy/Red Digi - Adult Small


  •         Premium quality leather.
  •         Fits best in the hand. 
  •         Certified by professional baseball players.



  •         These gloves are not that durable as other Franklin batting gloves. 


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How to pick the best baseball batting gloves for you? 

One thing I have to admit that great quality can not make a product best suitable for you. It depends on many things. Well here are the factors that you have check out before buying baseball or softball batting gloves. 


The first thing that you have look is its size. If you don’t buy a proper size then it may not give you that exact result you are expecting. If gloves fit well with your hand then it will provide better grips on your hand and you will feel comfortable to hit harder. For that measure your hand and check out the sizing guide and get the exact one according to your hand size. Youth batting gloves are usually so easy to find. For that, you always have to choose M size. 

Materials and build quality

After that, go for build quality. Though it varies with how much you are willing to pay. Leather palms batting gloves are usually last longer and if palms and fingers have extra padding that will absorb shock give you better give. So in impact, your hand will be safe you will able to hit harder without damaging your hand. Also, check out the stitching quality and ventilation system too. Also, the wrist style is important. It is annoying to adjust gloves again and again. So make sure your gloves have better wrist straps that hold the glove in your hand for a long time. 


If you are just starting baseball playing or want to buy a pair for your kids then you may don’t want to give them adult batting glove. Because those gloves can cost you extra money which is not good for beginners too. So for beginners, I will suggest buying something low prices with low-quality materials batting gloves. But these are also the best youth baseball batting gloves. But if you are pro then don’t go for prices just go for quality and durability. You obviously need so. For all of these problems, Our listed baseball batting gloves are individually best for different purposes. Some of these are best for pros, some of our best for youth and kids, etc. You can choose whatever you need. 



Do batting gloves make a difference?

Yes, it does. Batting gloves provide a better grip between your hand and bat. It enhances your ability to hit hard strokes. In hot weather conditions, your hand will obviously sweat less or more. If you use batting glove then it will give grip which is not possible in the bare hand due to sweat. Also, it absorbs shock to prevent your hand from any kind of damages. 

How Should Batting Gloves Fit?

Batting gloves should fit snug on your hand. But still, it should have to comfortable and flexible too. For a better fit, you should major your hand from the start of your palm to the tip of the middle finger. Then check the sizing guide of the gloves you are willing to buy. Go for the exact one that matches with your hand size. 

What hand do you wear a batting glove on?

If you are right-handed person then wear to the left hand and do the opposite if you are left-handed batter. But we suggest wearing on both hands.



That was everything about baseball batting gloves. But one thing to clarify again, you have your own preference. So don’t go for the best one just because it has better durability and good quality materials. It may not fit in your hand and you may not comfortable with its weight. So, check out everything and select the best one which fulfills most of or all of your requirements. We made this list as a third party and I tried to bring every aspect of baseball batting gloves including best for pros, best for youth, best for kids as well. Still, I’ll tell you to check what goes best on you. 

Author: Mike Trout

John Mike Trout is an American Professional Baseball player. He was born California. John Mike is a 2 MLB All-Star. He loves to write about baseball.