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What is Baseball-Reference?

Baseball is one of the most loved sports in both U.S.A and Japan. With thousands of players gracing the field since its inception in 1839, the sport has gained a cult following that seems to increase by day. Nonetheless, to keep its history sports reference LLC developed Baseball reference. This is a website where any individual can access statistics on any player who has played in the major league baseball over the course of history. Most broadcasters and sports media institutions use it to analyse data on baseball. For instance, let’s assume you want information on Babe Ruth. Once you log in, you can type his name on the search box and search. Upon searching you will find all his statistics mentioned below. The website enjoys a phenomenal following since it has over one million new users each month.

Why you should visit the baseball reference

For you to love a particular team, you must have knowledge of its past, its culture, best players and trophies achieved to date. In short, imagine an encyclopaedia of all baseball teams and players. Baseball Reference utilizes new analytical tools to explain the sport. Every player’s statistic from standard pitching to standard batting can be derived from this website. Apart from showing future player/team projections, this website also calculates similarity scores to help narrow down on a list of best players in history. If that isn’t enough, this website also supports its own wiki – “Baseball Reference Bullpen” where individuals can edit any baseball information.

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History about the baseball reference

Baseball reference is derived from the concept of data analysis. The idea behind the website began when the founder –Sean Forman started working on his PhD. The dissertation was on applied mathematics and computational science at Iowa University. Prior to completing his dissertation, he was busy blogging on sabermetrics. This is the use of statistical analysis to compare and assess individual baseball players. The website was initially, derived from total baseball – a baseball encyclopaedia which was published in 1989. It had all statistical data narrowed down to various categories.

In April 2000, the website went online after first appearing on the big bad baseball annual site. Originally, the website was intended to act as a web interface for Lahman Baseball Interface but it later developed to its own website where it enlists various data sources. Four years later, sports reference was founded. In 2006, Sean Forman a mathematics professor resigned his post at St Joseph’s University to focus solely on baseball Reference. A year later the firm was incorporated as sports reference LLC. February of 2009 saw Fantasy Sports take a minority stake through their seven figure offer hence having a small stake in sports reference LLC.

Which data do you can see to visit the baseball reference

Along with other statistical data, the website also has a yearly team page which contains yearly final league standings

  • Supports postseason numbers.
  • You can access game logs and box scores for every Major league baseball since 1914 while for the minor league; you can get player statistics as from 1888.
  • Historic awards and all their voting results; these awards include MVP and CY Young awards.
  • Head to head results for both batting and pitching.
  • Individual player’s statistics.
  • Career records for all managers.
  • Major league baseball player full draft results.
  • Statistics on the Negro league.
  • Bullpen (baseball encyclopedia).
  • The website also acknowledges a new feature called frivolities. This feature compares two players based on common team players.


Baseball is one of the most loved sports, slightly below American football. With it comes a rising fan base that is hungry for every sporting analysis. Imagine accessing every player and team statistic from 1914 all under one website. This is what Baseball reference does; it allows you to access compare and forecast a player/team results. Additionally, you can check a similarity score between to epic players, for instance, Babe Ruth and Mike Trout.

Also, the website has a career record for every manager who has coached any team in the major league baseball. Lastly, it also has a baseball encyclopedia why any person can edit the article, similar to noteworthy feature about this website is that it has statistical data on any player who has played on major league baseball.

Author: Mike Trout

John Mike Trout is an American Professional Baseball player. He was born California. John Mike is a 2 MLB All-Star. He loves to write about baseball.