How to Use a Baseball Bat for Home Defense

Guns and knives have always used as weapons for self-defense in case of burglary at home. But many people are nowadays opting for a baseball bat. Each of these weapons has its advantages and disadvantages. Compared to a gun, a baseball bat is not a dangerous weapon. It is also cheap and does not make a loud noise. Also, many people prefer to have a baseball bat for their home security because it is less bulky.

How to Use a Baseball Bat for Home Defense (2)

Right Use

While a baseball bat will certainly do for you an excellent job in beating the hell out of an intruder, you need to know how to handle it properly. The way you use it will either increase or decrease its efficiency. There are many online tutorials on how to use a baseball bat for home defense. Here, we are going to look at the do and don’ts while using a baseball bat for home defense.

Do Keep it Close to You.

The first success you can have with a baseball bat as a weapon is to be able to reach for it very quickly. The moment you hear an attacker approaching, you should be able to pull it out very fast. Keep it under the bed or beside the bed.

Do Hold it With Two Hands.

One side of a baseball bat is heavier than the other. For this reason, the center of gravity where weight acts is not right in the middle. It is toward the heavier side. When you hold it with one hand, you will not have a better swing. Hold it with both hands firmly.

Do Stand Firmly While Swinging the Bat:

To get the best and most powerful swing at an intruder with a baseball bat, you need to stand firm. If you are right-handed, then your left leg should be in front of your right leg. By spreading your legs, you increase your stability. A good swing should not destabilize you and make you stagger and fall. This is not good for your safety, especially when you miss the target. The attacker may get the upper hand in a rebound move.

Don’t Stand Too Close to the Target.

Another way to make effective use of a baseball bat is to stand at a safe distance from your attacker. How close should you be to your attacker? It depends on the length of your baseball bat. The rule is that the attacker should be within the arc of the swing. If he or she is too close to you, then the head of the bat might miss him or her. If the attacker is too far from you, then you might miss him or her.

Choose the Best Baseball Bat

Just like you will visit a gun store and choose a suitable weapon, visit a Baseball bat store and choose the best bat for home defense. Things to look for when selecting the best baseball bat are material it is made of. Some are made of the metal head while others are made of wood. Yet others are made of wood and reinforced with barbed wires. Another thing you need to consider is the weight of the bat and other additional features like the flashlight.

Here are the five best baseball bats for home defense.

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This is Harley Quinn’s favorite weapon in the Suicide squad movie. This Harley Quinn Baseball Bat comes with attractive retail packaging. The quality of this highly detailed genuine wooden bat will surely please any fan of Harley Quinn collector.  The price is quite reasonable compared to other fan-made replicas; also this bat is licensed and authorized by Warner Bros and DC Comics.

This bat is perfect in the sense that it is light, and it has a flashlight.

This bat, though made of wood, has barbed wire wound around the sweep-head. It causes deep, ugly scratches on the body.

This baseball bat is ideal for home defense. This is because it is longer compared to most baseball bats. It is also very light for a firmer grip.

The boat baseball bat is super-easy to swing. This accords rapid hits, especially when the intruder is making a quick escape.

Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher (92BSS)


Also known as Brooklyn smasher, this baseball bat crushes bones. Its metallic head is hefty, and this is the best baseball bat for home defense.



While using a baseball bat for home defense, you need to remember that you aim to scare away the intruder by giving him or her a good pounding. You also need to keep your bat very close to you so that you can jump into action very fast. While shopping for a baseball bat for home defense, consider factors such as weight, price, and material it is made of.

Author: Mike Trout

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