Backspin Batting Tee Reviews

Every great player that has graced the major league baseball once started from the ground. Once introduced in the 1950s, over years batting tee has grown to accommodate several acknowledged leagues especially among kids. Identifying the best batting tee can determine the next great player of all time. Below we will discuss the backspin tee.

Features and Detail Review of Backspin Batting Tee

There are 3 models – the pro model, the pre-game model, and the standard model. The prices differ with the pro model being more expensive followed by the standard model then lastly comes the pre-game model.
Available Game Options
Most if not all batting tees are available in several options. The first is the baseball batting tee, the softball batting tee, and the combo. Understanding what you intend to use it for will help you narrow down on the perfect batting tee.
The greatest advantage of the new generation batting tee is their lightweight design. For instance, the standard model design weight is 10lbs while the pro model weight is around 18lbs.
As mentioned batting tees are best for kids between the age of four and seven and with that most kids will vary when it comes to height. The standard model comes with a limited height adjustment while for the pro model the height is quite higher when compared to the standard model. For instance, the standard model varies from 20” 28” 34” and 40” while in pro models the height goes as high as 48”.

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Angle Chart
Just like all materials come with a user guide so does the batting tee. It comes with an angle chart graphic which is usually on the base plate. It helps define the best launch angles for line drives.
Because of the many mishits that are experienced when kids miss the ball and hit the batting tee, a warranty is essential. Most batting tee companies give a 30-day money refund in case the batting tee doesn’t meet your needs. Additionally, in case you experience a breakage you are guaranteed a one year warranty.
Made in U.S.A
Finding a faux batting tee made in U.S.A is less common when compared to cheap materials used to make it back in China. Don’t get me wrong, not all Chinese batting tees are knockoffs but finding a durable Chinese batting tee is quite a hustle.

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How to make it Backspin Batting Tee

The main idea behind building a backspin tee is to help the player visualize the ball’s location – it is always paramount for a hitter to practice which location to hit the ball. Unlike the old generation batting tee that allowed hitters to focus on the top of the ball, the new generation batting tees force you to focus on the ball, particularly the middle and the lower part; which are important. With you focusing on that, you can hit the ball and let the batting tee do the rest.

So how do you make it backspin tee? It is quite a gift if you happen to strike the ball consecutively, most great players will tell you that they hit the batting tee more than the ball. To save time and frustration the batting tee lacks a shaft; this means that the ball gets released from the batting tee only after contact and in case of mishits the batting tee only rotates.

The whole idea behind professional pitchers is to get batters out quickly, this can be explained by the fact that most if not all baseball pitch locations are usually at the lower half thus, hitters experience a hard time getting to the bottom half.

Backspin Batting Tee- Baseball/Softball, Pro/Standard

This backspin tee comes with a heavy base steel plate to help in maintaining a steady position even after mishitting.


  • It works perfectly and it helps to develop a player’s hitting.
  • It is convenient for kids of different heights.
  • The backspin batting tee has an incredible support service.


  • The balls don’t hold tightly as most of us would expect.
  • The spring clamps can be a challenge to put on.

FAQs of the backspin batting tee

Before seeking help from their support it is always prudent to check whether the problem you are experiencing has been addressed in their FAQs. Here are some questions and answers

Q. How does the cone hold the ball?

Ans: – contrary to what most people would think, we don’t use vacuums or suction, we use a patented technique where we use surface tension to hold the ball gently inside the cone. Once you push and turn the ball in, the ball is held between 45 seconds to 24 hours.

Q. Are the cones durable?

Ans:- We boast having a durable batting tee when compared to other companies, though we can’t clearly state how long a cone can last because of different conditions exposed to it, we can though boast the fact that none so far has been returned for a replacement.

Q. Why are the tees expensive?

Ans: – Though our batting tees seem simple to the eye, it has taken years of research and it is not an easy process to build one. Unlike most companies who ship their products to China because of their low charges, for us, we make everything here in U.S.A thereby maintaining all regulations.

Backspin Tee Alternatives

SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 Batting Trainer

Similar to backspin tee, the SKLZ hurricane batting trainer comes with exceptional mechanics that help players to develop better swings.


Automatic feedback response: every time a player hits the ball, the machine develops some comments which notify him/her of where to improve.

Focused repetition training: it is recommended for both baseball and softball. It is easy to set up and it is heavy duty hence, it doesn’t fall easily.


  • They have a great customer care company.
  • It is a great training tool.


  • You have to recalibrate it once you buy it.
  • It is less durable.

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Muhl Sports Advanced Skills Batting Tee

The Muhl sport advanced skill tee comes with a forward arm which helps in eliminating dipping while at the same time helping newbies learn their mechanics in batting.


  • Polyurethane tube that is durable than rubber.
  • Accommodates different balls – baseball, softball and poly balls.


  • Great trainer with the greatest advantage being teaching players not to dip or uppercut the ball.
  • It helps players understand their mistake thereby improving their swing as long as the distance is perfect.


  • It is not durable- bends over time.
  • The arm doesn’t fit perfectly.

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SKLZ Hit-A-Way Portable Baseball Trainer for Players Ages 7+

The SKLZ Hit-A-Way Portable Baseball Trainer for Players Ages 7+ is another alternative to backspin batting tee. It comes with a sturdy and twist-back design to help players develop further their coordination of hand to eye, timing and batting power.


  • It is lightweight, weighing roughly 39 pounds.
  • It comes with an adjustable pitch to help lower or raise the ball.


  • It helps players increase their power of batting.
  • With regular use, players are able to improve their swing mechanics.


  • It wears out gradually.

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Every great player was once a rookie. Finding the best tools to help a young trainer to develop his skills can be the difference between a great player and an average player. One of the best tools to try out is the backspin batting tee. The best advantage of using it is that it has introduced some scientific knowledge were unlike the old generation batting tees which held the lower part of the ball, the backspin tee holds the ball from the top thereby allowing hitters to concentrate with the middle and the lower part of the ball which are quite important. Alternatively, in case you lack a backspin batting tee, you could try the SKLZ Hit-A-Way Portable Baseball Trainer for Players Ages 7+, SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 Batting Trainer or the Muhl Sports Advanced Skills Batting Tee.

Author: Mike Trout

John Mike Trout is an American Professional Baseball player. He was born California. John Mike is a 2 MLB All-Star. He loves to write about baseball.