2018 Easton S650 Youth Baseball Bat Reviews

2018 Easton S650 Youth Baseball Bat Reviews

The all-new Easton youth baseball bat came from commitment, hard work and a desired goal from the manufacturers to satisfy player’s zeal and urge for excellent. The 2018 season is sure going to be on fire as this bat promises swift performance that will leave you wondering for more. This S650 series was designed as a powerful grade; it features a huge sweet spot, fast swing speed, and an excellent precision range. To mention a few features of this bat are as follows.

Features of the Easton S650

  • It has a drop length to weight ratio of -9.
  • Its barrel diameter is 2 5/8.
  • Its handle is ultrathin and has 29/32 inches.
  • Its construction is from an alloy which helps in speed and maintaining it.

POP: For the pop, the Easton S650 model didn’t connect the pop and distance of the other Easton USA bats, but it delivers great power for the younger league of baseball players. This bat comes with much emphasis on balance, speed, power, and pop. This is undoubtedly the perfect bat for the coach division and the kid intro division.

GRIP: it has a tacky grip Cu which is well moderated. Thus, information gathered concerning the solace of the 2018 Easton S6650 comes precisely from the input of our volunteer youth hitters. This bat has been rated and reached some scores that are high. There was a scenario in which a 7-year-old child noticed the bat was the lightest bat he had used so far.

DURABILITY: it has a moderate end cap which makes it more durable and helps the distribution of the weight around. Judging the strength or durability of the S650 ended up being troublesome. Despite the fact that this young play club endured fewer than 150 big swings, the pitch speeds never surpassed velocities of around 50 miles for every hour. The adolescent bat held up well, in any case, we feel that 150 hits weren’t sufficient to appropriately check its sturdiness. So after we got done with assessing, we chose to do some additional testing. By persisting over another 100 swings, the S650 hints at unequivocal utilize however no scratches, break, or dings.

VIBRATION: The vibration when holding in at the handle tends to be low because of the grip which is tacky. As in the case of vibration, due to the protection against sting, this bat was made to absorb a great amount of shock. Though I won’t suggest, you use this bat in fast games when players see pitches quickly. This S650 model can withstand the vibrations of the younger divisions more.


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Pros and Cons of Easton S650


  • It has a moderate sweet spot
  • It is durable and has a balanced weight distribution
  • It comes in color variations of Red, black and Gray.
  • It is the full warranty
  • It comes with the new USA stamp.
  • It is relatively affordable


  • Some people complain this bat is broke.
  • 1 Broke the plastic cap at the end.
  • There are none for now.

Customer Review:

It feels great, just wanted to hit with a big barrel and this sure satisfies that urge. Each model of this bat in its series comes hot out of the wrapper with a whopping performance like never before.

For a concluding part of this review, when evaluating the Easton S650, we saved it for players 9 years of age or more youthful alongside other people who have been playing under two full seasons. The S650 USA youth bat was particularly intended to help those players in more youthful divisions in preparing to utilize heavier Easton youth bats like the Ghost X or the Beast X.

If it’s not too much trouble note, we prescribe this bat to players more youthful than the age 9. We exceptionally suggest these bats for guardians who have their kid’s attempt baseball out of the blue between the ages of 7-9. The cost is substantially less expensive than most USA bats, and if your kid doesn’t take to the game, you aren’t out a couple of hundred bucks.

After somewhat less than 250 swings, underneath is our official survey of the 2018 Easton S650 youth polished ash. As a strong, durable bat, it is engineered for glory and aims at achieving success in every player’s desire. With a full one year warranty plus free shipping and the new USA stamp, this is just the bat you need to make your 2018 season a memorable one.

Overall Experience:-

Easton just to know when to stop as they have been committed to bringing excellent, beauty, technology to your world of baseball bats. As expressed some time recently, we prescribe the 2018 Easton S650 for youth baseball players younger than 9 playing in divisions that conveys slower pitching speeds. Our assessment demonstrated that this USA youth bat is an awesome one for kids simply beginning in youth baseball.

Author: Mike Trout

John Mike Trout is an American Professional Baseball player. He was born California. John Mike is a 2 MLB All-Star. He loves to write about baseball.