2018 USA Best Baseball Bats Reviews

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Best Little League Bats

Playing the game of baseball goes beyond your skills and experience, most times the best in you can be ignited through the bat you use as it goes a long way to shape you’re playing. If you wish your child to be at the top of his/her game why not make sure he/she what’s suits them and is best for them. One factor to look out for a while choosing your desired bat is to make sure the bat meets the requirements or specifications of approved bats approved by the USSSA1.15 of the bat performance factor.  The drop weight is also important to note because it will help in the balance of your child while playing. It has been observed that light bat has big or large drop weights and heavy bats have small drop weights. So whenever you want to purchase a bat either at the store or online through shopping sites, make sure you know the difference in the weight, material, and weight. There is apparently a hand full of good bats like the Easton Mako, DeMarini, Louis slugger and other brands just to mention a few. So choose wisely. 

2018 Top 13 Little League Bats

  • The Easton Ghost double barrel bat
  • 2018 Mizuno Maxcor bat
  • Rawlings 2018 Quatro Composite Baseball Bat
  • 2018 Easton Beast Hybrid YBB18BXH10
  • 2018 DE Marini Voodoo -10 WTDXUD2
  • The Easton 2018 Ghost X Hyperlite Youth Bat
  • The 2018 Rawlings VELO -11 (US8V11)
  • The 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo Baseball 
  • The Easton 2018 beast x youth Baseball bat
  • 2018 Easton beast X youth Baseball Bat
  • The 2018 DeMarini Uprising Youth Baseball Bat
  • 2018 COMBAT MAXUM Youth Baseball Bat
  •  Easton Mako Composite Youth Bat

Best Slowpitch Softball Bats

The slowpitch softball bats are bats which were designed for usage in the slow pitch games and are used by female and male players of different ages. Just like the fastpitch softball bats, they also have their specifications, construction materials, and properties. The most materials used for constructing these slowpitch softball bats are wood, composite, aluminum and a half and a half. Some of the features that qualify this slowpitch softball bats to be used in the slow pitch games are; inches length of not more than 34 inches long, a barrel diameter of 2 ¼, end loaded weight or the balanced swing weight. The reason for the balanced swing weight is so that there can be an even distribution of the bat’s length and for easy control with good balanced while swinging.The bats come in different products from different manufacturers, and they must be fully approved for use in leagues like the USSA, NSA, SSUSA. There are several slowpitch softball bats so it would be wise to test them to get what suits your playing style or purpose as each has its specific feature.

2018 Top 10 Slowpitch Bats

  • 2018 Louisville Slugger Prime
  •  2018 Miken Supermax
  • 2018 worth Legit XL ASA
  • 2018 DeMarini Flipper softball bat 
  • 2018 worth Legit USSSA
  • Dudley Legend Lightning Series SSUSA
  • DeMarini Mercy 2018
  •  Louisville Slugger Solo Z Power 
  •  DeMarini ASA Juggy
  • Mizuno Nighthawk Robo 2018 

Best Fastpitch Softball Bats

The fastpitch softball bats come from a variety of bats that are used in fastpitch games and are mostly used by women and men. Usually, the age range starts from a much lower age through college and beyond. These fastpitch softball bats are made from a composite material or aluminum material, and they have certain features or properties that qualify them to be used in the fastpitch games. The required features seen in the fastpitch bats are the drop weight range from -8 to -13, a barrel diameter of  2 ¼ inches. Most times the bat is required not to be longer than 34 inches, and it should be fully approved for use in leagues such as the NSA, USSA, ISA, and ASA with their respective stamps. Some examples of the fastpitch softball bats are; Rawlings Quatro, Louisville Slugger, Easton Mako, Axe Danielle, Mizuno, DeMarini, Combat Maxum and a whole lot more. While using these bat, a certain level of accuracy is required and techniques.

2018 Top Fastpitch Softball Bats

  • The 2018 Louisville Slugger (LXT WTLFPLX18A10)
  • The 2018 DeMarini (CFX) baseball bat
  • The 2018 Louisville Slugger (LXT WTLFPLX18A11)
  • 2018 DeMarini CFX  Softball Bat
  •  2018 Marucci Fastpitch softball ball
  • 2018 Easton Ghost Double Barrel softball
  • 2018 Easton Stealth Hyperlite softball
  • Mizuno 2018 Silhouette softball baseball bat
  • 2018 Anderson RockeTech softball bat 
  • Axe Danielle 2018 Lawrie fastpitch softball bats 

2018 Top Baseball Bats

2018 Easton Ghost X Hyperlite youth bat

Easton’s has set a standard and a goal to provide players the best performance bats with meaningful advantage. The Hyperlite comes as one of Easton’s latest bat for the year 2018, as it promises to deliver a mind-blowing performance which will leave you glazing in satisfaction. The bat comes with new design, color, technical interphase, very powerful and other eye-catching features.  Some of the features of this bat are; great durability which makes it very strong and able to withstand the test of time, its exact construction and smooth feel that reduces occurrences of vibration.   Its exact carbon nature is due to X engineering which optimizes the sweet spot for a heavy impactful hitting. The bat is fully registered and stamped with the new USA stamp and comes with a complete 1-year warranty.  The Easton Hyperlite might be quite expensive, but its features qualify the price tag. With a drop weight of -11, 2 5/8 barrel diameter and a great sweet spot, this is just the bat you need at your disposal. Read Full Reviews

2018 DeMarini Voodoo

Over the years, DeMarini has proven to be a top choice for most players due to its performance, speed, and precision. This DeMarini Voodoo offers much-anticipated performance as it delivers its promise over the previous years. Truly the 2018 season will be one to remember forever as this bat comes with exciting features that will keep you off your feet. As a double piece hybrid designed bat, it offers a great pop sound with a lighter weight and great feel.  The reason for this bat being a top-rated bat it’s because of the technology behind its construction and alloy barrel. To mention some of the mind-blowing features are;  drop weight of -10, its handle which is designed in a 3fusion manner which aids the reduction of vibration, it balance swing weight for light hitters. So when next you want to choose the 2018 youth baseball bat, pick the DeMarini Voodoo bat. Read Full Reviews

Easton S650 Youth Baseball Bat

The Easton youth baseball bat sure can’t seem to give up on being the best name in the manufacturers of a baseball bat. They are dedicated to providing high performance, high quality, and extreme power. The S650 series is sure one of the bats that will satisfy your need and satisfaction. The bat comes with mind-blowing features that qualify its price range, its high rank, and its demand. Some significant features or specifications of this bat are; it comes hot out of the wrapper with an astonishing performance, a very large sweet spot, lightweight and faster swings. It has a barrel diameter of 2 5/8, a good drop weight of -9 that suits heavy hitters, an ultrathin handle with supports proper grip and balanced swing weight to maintain the player’s balance.  The S650 has a good lasting shape with superb durability and comes in colors of grey, black and red. To add to its fascinating feature, the bat is fully stamped and fully warranty with a one year warranty period. Read Full Reviews

DeMarini Cf9

As a leader in constructing and designing baseball bats, DeMarini continues to surprise players around the world with its great features.  The Cf9 has a few series to it like the slapper, and insane. One advance feature which makes the bat superb is its carbon fiber which is designed to be 22% stronger when compared to its previous Paradox model. A particular model WTDXCFP has been tested and tagged the most swinging bat which is balanced for the year. The bat has a more responsive barrel, a large sweet spot which comes hot out from the wrapper with an excellent performance. Its handle is in a D fusion design of 2.0 which was made to eliminate vibration and direct energy to the barrel. Some other features include the reduction of the sting, barrel diameter made of 2 ¼ inches and a drop length to weight ratio of -10. The bat is quite affordable and its worth the price as it is approved for play in the most baseball league.Read Full Reviews

The 2018 Rawlings Alloy

The Rawlings manufactures are at it again with a brand new release for the 2018 season’s baseball game. The Rawling Alloy comes with great and exciting features from its previous versions. As a single piece constructed bat made from alloy, this is sure one bat you should get in your line. The model was designed to be responsive and classic. The bat was engineered with a technology pop of 2.0 for its massive sweet spot, pop sound, and other great features.  It comes in different drop weigh, for instance, let’s take the drop weight of the model with -3, which provides much strength, a barrel diameter of 2 5/8 and the Tru view technology make. It comes with a full year warranty and free shipping plus it varies in different colors. Why not get yourself one as this bat comes affordable for all players with it slashed the price. Read Full Reviews